New Theory Magazine Exclusive Interview With Techweek CEO Katy Lynch

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    New Theory Magazine interviews the CEO of Techweek Katy Lynch at the technology conference on October  15, 2015 in New York City.

    Techweek hosts a 7-day series of events and has a 2-day technology expo and conference that unites a variety of leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs. The focus is to bring together titans of technology with emerging growth companies and startups. Techweek originated in Chicago and now covers five cities including Detroit, Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Techweek CEO, Katy Lynch is planning to expand the tradeshow to Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Toronto, and more than 100 cities within the next few years.

    On May 11, 2015, Techweek announced Chicago tech entrepreneur Katy Lynch as the new CEO. Lynch served on the board for one year and possesses the background that Techweek seeks in a CEO. Lynch has already founded and sold a startup, raised venture capital and established global connections. Lynch has the marketing experience and savvy that will catapult Techweek to the next level and beyond.

    Techweek experienced controversy last year regarding marketing and women in the industry. The male driven industry did not recognize women in the field and an unfortunate marketing strategy was exposed. At the time of Lynch’s interview, she had only been named CEO for five months, but stated that the team acknowledged the situation and dealt with it very well.

    When asked “what challenges she faces as a woman in the tech industry? Lynch stated: “It’s not about being a woman in tech, it’s about being a leader.” Lynch focuses on how she can be a better leader and role model for her employees and the entire tech community. She strongly believes she is equally intelligent as her male counterparts and continues to put her focus on leadership.

    Lynch shared her views on technology trends to expect in the future, which includes 3D printing, especially in personal health care needs, robotics, fashion, music, apps, big data and finance. She also stated “the future is mobile and video.” Techweek’s goal is to shine a national spotlight on what is currently happening and focus on future visions in technology within each city it visits. The themes and topics that speakers talk about at each tradeshow are directly related to the local tech eco-system of each individual city.

    While Lynch acknowledges there are people who refuse to dial in, or accept technology, she concludes that people are always going to innovate and technology is always evolving. She encourages everyone to embrace technology and acknowledge that the industry is constantly creating new and interesting products for the future.


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