The World’s Most Expensive Classic Cars [Infographic]


    • New research displays the most expensive car sales of all time
    • Ferraris top the list with the 2014 sale of a 250 GTO at a value of $38,115,000
    • Other top sales include the Mercedes Benz W196, the Jaguar D-Type… and the original Batmobile

    Purchasing a classic car is about much more about style is than than getting around.  When owning a classic car, you’re owning a piece of motoring history, not to mention hearing the sound of a vintage engine rumbling into life. Not just a piece of art, buying a vintage car can turn out be a good investment.  Investment. However, most people can’t afford these great pieces of history, so why not borrow one for a weekend from

    Research has shown that classic cars are the best investment for returns, with as much as a 28% return over 12 months – and 467% over 10 years. Car buyers have, accordingly, been willing to put a lot of money behind some truly iconic cars. But which ones have sold for the most?




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