8 Great Ways to Start Running and Stay Moving

    Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to get out of the house and get moving. Take advantage of the good weather and go exercise to stay healthy and fit. Running and jogging are among the best cardio exercise routines to try. Here are ways to make running a daily or weekly routine:

    1. Choose Proper Running Shoes

    A good pair of running shoes is essential for this type of workout but it is not necessary to buy the latest shoes or expensive models. Instead, focus on buying comfortable shoes that provide good support for your ankles and knees. Ideally your running shoes should fit you well and not hurt your feet. According to sports performance experts, the best way to find the proper running shoes is to get fitted by a professional. These individuals can determine the type of shoe that works best with your feet. If you cannot do this, look at insoles like these from the OrthoticShop to avoid injuries and keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

    1. Take A Gradual Approach

    Most beginners make the mistake of pushing as hard as possible when they start running. Specialists say that keeping a high level of enthusiasm and motivation is good, but starting at a manageable pace and gradually increasing the intensity of the exercise is the approach to follow for long-lasting results. Ideally, you should keep running until you feel fatigued, and then switch to a brisk walk, in order to allow your body to recover from the intense effort. As soon as you feel rested, you can start running again. If you listen to your body, you’ll be able to improve your performance as time goes by.

    1. Don’t Overlook Other Areas Of Your Body

    If you have weak muscles, you are more likely to suffer from injuries. While it’s true that running puts a strain mostly on your lower body, your upper body should also contribute to this effort. This is why experts in sports recommend strength training and cross-training as alternates for running. All you need is a 30-minute workout session with focus on all major muscle groups to get started. This balanced routine can help you avoid injuries. You should also consider resting whenever you experience muscle soreness or various aches.

    1. Improve Your Flexibility

    A flexible body is the key to staying away from injury. Always remember to do your stretching routine before and after each running session. It helps you prepare the muscles for effort by warming them up. It also cools down and relaxes your leg muscles after the effort of running. There are some dynamic warm-up routines developed by experts, so you should probably try to find and apply some of them.

    1. Starting slow is the key to success.

    The best way to start with this sport is by alternating running with walking, in well-defined intervals. By developing a routine that suits your actual fitness level, you can avoid injuries, while also being more prone to sticking to a regular training schedule.

    Special tip from the pros: In the beginning, stick to previously defined run-walk intervals. For instance, you can alternate one minute of running with one or two minutes of walking. As you get fitter, you can increase the running intervals, but stick to the same walking intervals. There are smartphone apps that enable you to time your intervals.

    6. Always Maintain A Good Hydration Level

    Your body needs to be properly hydrated, especially during the hot season. You should drink plenty of water before, during, and after your training sessions. Experts say that staying hydrated can help you prevent headaches, muscle cramps and nausea while running. Drinking 20 ounces of water before you run and staying hydrated while running can help you feel less fatigue. Once you are done with your running, you can refresh yourself with your favorite sports drink.

    7. Choose A Fun Route

    Running outdoors is much better than using a treadmill. You get to breath in the fresh air and explore your surroundings, thus making your running experience more enjoyable. In order to make the most out of it, you should take time and choose the route that is right for you. The ideal route should be safe and reliable. If you need help, you may want to take a look at MapMyRun.com or at other similar websites that allow you to set routes and measure distances.

    Your mental training is important, so try to find a route that keeps you motivated to get out of your house and start running.

    1. Prepare Yourself Mentally     

    Special tip from the pros: Running is an individual endeavor. This is why you should always try to listen to good running music, choose routes you enjoy, and pick the most convenient times for your running sessions. Some people enjoy running together in small groups. As long as you prefer to run with others, this can be an excellent idea to keep you motivated.


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