Amazon Find of the Month: Scarlet Kitten

    As a sexpert, there are very few things that get underneath my skin as much as bad BDSM equipment. Bad BDSM equipment doesn’t just break easily; it’s uncomfortable and can even pose a danger to participants. The problem with being a kinkster, though, is how commonplace badly-made BDSM equipment is.

    I mean, really, think about it. All those terrible little “novelty” tchotckes at mall stores like Spencer’s don’t really offer many options for people who genuinely want to experience serious bondage or want to have equipment they can rely on. Fuzzy handcuffs? Get outta here!

    Finding good bondage gear usually means that you will have to pay a fortune for it. In fact, good bondage gear is usually only obtained from artisans that you meet in upscale shops or specialty conventions. One company is trying to change that, and I’m forever grateful for that. This company is Scarlet Kitten, and once I tried their wares I was in love.

    A Good Company? On Amazon?

    Amazon is notoriously bad when it comes to finding good BDSM gear. Most of the non-mainstream companies on the mega-marketplace tend to have terrible workmanship, paired with a low price point. People shrug it off as, “You get what you pay for.”

    Scarlet Kitten is different than most in this sense, and it’s already started to gain a reputation for being great among kinksters who love a great bargain. This is, of course, by design. Their entire brand is dedicated to providing legit professional-grade BDSM gear at a price that everyone can afford.

    I actually linked up with the company through my writing and I was thrilled to discover their goods. Within a matter of days, I got some gear and decided to give it a whirl.

    The Quality Speaks For Itself

    If you go online and order from a shady gear provider, do you know what to expect? Poorly-assembled cuffs, flimsy ballgags, and of course, floggers that barely flog. When I opened up the box I got from Scarlet Kitten, I was scared that I’d be let down by similar products.

    Honestly, it was shocking how good their gear was. The leather products were soft, well-stitched, and also came with ample padding when padding was appropriate. I gave each wrist cuff a good tug; it became clear that it was built to last. Feeling their gear on my wrists was great too.

    Their bondage gear has a little heftiness and heaviness, but make no mistake about it, it’s designed for comfortable yet long sessions. The padding is comfy and doesn’t crowd you. Their gear also avoids the cheapness of velcro in favor of actual locking buckles—a telltale sign of excellent quality. Everything from their ballgags to their ankle cuffs is adjustable, so you’ll be able to stay comfortable regardless of what size equipment you need.

    When it came to their impact play toys, I was pleasantly surprised. Their riding crops came with a nice polished leather material that offered a little extra “thwack.” For anyone who wants a good sting, their crops are highly recommended.

    It’s All Class

    As a sex toy critic, I often have an issue with companies that offer a toy that doesn’t come with a carrying case. I mean, there’s only so much storage space I have that allows me to tuck things away out of view. Getting gear that’s easy to tuck away in a nice little pouch is a sweet deal for me, if only because I don’t want to have to explain what a bullwhip might be doing in my room.

    Once again, Scarlet Kitten doesn’t disappoint. Each kit and set I ordered came with its own black satin carrying pouch. Honestly, it was a classy way to keep toys. Why others can’t follow in Scarlet Kitten’s footsteps is beyond me.

    My Verdict

    I’ve sampled my fair share of Amazon brands claiming to be great sex toy companies, but none were even remotely as good as Scarlet Kitten. In terms of value, elegance, and just being able to deliver good times, Scarlet Kitten blew me away. So, if you’ve been yearning for a new spreader bar, strap on, or flogger, give their goods a look. You might be able to save some serious cash!


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