5 Celebrity “Relatives” That Can Definitely ‘Get It’…

    5 Celebrity “Relatives” That Can Definitely Get It

    Let’s play house.

    1. HAVE MERCY! John Stamos as Uncle Jesse on Full House is by far and will always be one of the hottest men I have ever laid eyes on. Besides the fact that even NOW he is still a #smokeshow, I have never hesitated to refer to him as ‘Uncle Jesse’ when my friends and I are gossiping about all of the things we would let him to do us if the opportunity presented itself.. my mind is PROUDLY in the gutter with this one.


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    1. PAY ATTENTION to anything and everything this next man says because there are few things sexier than an extremely educated man who can teach you something. Uncle Russell, (Russell Simmons), can totally get it and we wouldn’t mind letting him teach us a thing or two. Am I right?


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    1. START YOUR ENGINES… Let’s face it, ‘Gasolina’ is one of the most popular reggaeton hits in the history of its genre and it definitely makes your body do things most other songs don’t. All I’m saying is that if Daddy Yankee wanted to take me for a ride, I would be down.


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    1. ON TOP, that’s where I like my men. I f#%king love a man who takes charge and handles sh*t like a boss. The Godfather is a classic example of a well-dressed, older man who could make me an offer that I can’t refuse.. over and over and over again.


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    1. ROCK OUR WORLD, Uncle Kracker, often referred to as a ‘one hit wonder’, is the final guy on our list that we find ourselves wondering why we can’t hit it, even just one time.


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