Small Business Hacks For A Limited Budget

    When you’re in charge of running a small business, you see a very clear picture of why proper financial management is vital to the survival of your operation.  What seems like the smallest expense can turn into a black hole of expenses, if you don’t have a proper eye for savings.

    To really run your business on a limited budget, you will have to think outside of the box.  Cut costs in creative ways, and give every piece of your operation a thorough look through the lenses of frugality.  Here are a few ways to save money, and help to keep your small business going strong for years to come.

    Save on shipping rates

    Shipping rates for major parcel distributors fluctuate yearly.  If you run a business that sells a product to the general public, then you’ll need to know your way around shipping costs.  You can save quite a bit of money by simply pursuing a bit of research.

    For instance, UPS, FedEx, and USPS all raised their shipping costs in 2019.  This is a common practice among these types of businesses, because they provide a staple service for individuals and organizations.  

    Hire remote professionals

    One of the best ways to save money is to cut out the cost of office overhead altogether.  Running a small business typically provides a golden opportunity to capitalize on the ability to hire remotely.  

    Hiring a few remote professionals will save you loads of money throughout the year.  Remote professionals are also typically more qualified and happier in their positions, as they are typically more free to work as they see fit.  

    Formally structure your business

    It’s important that you formally structure your small business from the very beginning.   You may not consider this to be a financial aspect of your operation, but you will.

    The way you legally form your business makes all the difference in who pays the debt should something go terribly awry.  Make sure to protect your individuality, and dig into the various ways to formally structure your small business.  

    Barter for the things you need

    Don’t be afraid to barter with other small business owners and vendors for a better deal.  The first price you are quoted is simply that, just a quote. Haggling is not off the table, and you shouldn’t be afraid to bring it up to the right people.  

    Purchase used office furnishings

    There’s no shame in purchasing a used chair or desk.  Someone else sitting in the chair before you does not make the chair worthless.  It’s still a chair, and it will still serve the purpose of a chair. The same goes for other office furnishings.

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