Amazing Appliances To Create The Perfect Vegan Kitchen

    Veganism is trending across the globe – so much so that, since 2015, Google searches for “veganism” doubled in the United States, tripled in Australia, and quadrupled in Sweden. Of course, veganism requires much more than just online curiosity. It’s a lifestyle that entails dedication to ethical food and products, the latter of which can be used in the assembly of a vegan-friendly kitchen. Every vegan needs a kitchen that can support their lifestyle; the following appliances make conforming to one’s ethics easier than ever.

    The Spiralizer  

    A spiralizer processes fruits, vegetables and starches into thin strands. This gadget cuts food into noodle shapes, providing a fun and healthy alternative to pasta. You may be wondering why vegans would need a pasta alternative if pasta is vegan, but not all pasta is vegan. Depending on the brand, pasta noodles – whether spaghetti, penne or lasagna – can contain eggs, an item prohibited from a vegan diet. A pasta-loving vegan who has not carefully read the ingredients may be unwittingly violating their diet. Also, conventional pasta is often a prohibited food for vegans with a wheat sensitivity. A spiralizer can therefore satisfy the needs of both moral and dietary vegans.

    Tofu Press

    Few vegans can get by without tofu. This soybean-derived food is unarguably the most popular meat substitute. While vegans can simply buy pre-made tofu-based meals, vegan cooks make tofu dishes from scratch. This is why every vegan kitchen needs a tofu press.

    The first step in cooking tofu is draining the water from it. This is done by pressing down on the slab and allowing the water to dissipate. If the tofu isn’t pressed, it won’t retain its signature shape and it will ruin the structure of the dish. A highly-rated tofu press like the Tofurture Press or EZ Tofu Press Plated Model ensures that tofu is properly drained.

    Ice Cream Maker

    A vegan-friendly kitchen needs something to remind its owner of the fun side of the philosophy. After all, it’s easier to keep to a strict diet if there are some attractive dietary options. Vegans are allowed a variety of delicious treats, which include many types of potato chips, candies and ice cream. Vegan chefs can make their own ice cream with the help of an ice cream maker.

    If you have coconut milk, vegan sweeteners like cane sugar, agave syrup or honey, vanilla extract, cornstarch, nuts, fruit, chocolate, and whatever other additives you can think of, simply pour them into an ice cream maker and let the machine do the rest. Vegan ice cream is one of the tastiest treats in the world. An ice cream maker can thus brighten any vegan kitchen.

    A good vegan cook needs a good vegan kitchen. And a good vegan kitchen requires vegan-friendly appliances. A spiralizer, tofu press and ice cream maker are just some of the amazing gadgets that can improve the look and feel of a vegan kitchen.


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