Harvest International Ministry’s mission is to change lives, transform cities, and
    disciple nations by advancing the Gospel through both church leaders and marketplace
    leaders. In 2018, founders Ché & Sue Ahn launched California Dreamin’ a Christian
    nonprofit church-planting and discipleship initiative founded by Harvest International
    Ministry (HIM). Based in a region of rich cultural diversity, we believe God has
    prophetically called us to reach and inspire families, communities, and people of all
    ages and backgrounds.  “We believe that it’s not just seeing souls saved, but really to
    see transformation taking place in the nations,” says Pastor Ché Ahn.

    One of the goals of California Dreamin’ is to serve the local communities with free
    meals, free health care resources, free school supplies all the while sharing the hope
    and love of God to transform those who attend. And, ultimately, changing the
    city landscape for positive impact. We follow up with those who were in attendance and
    that is one of the ways our church plants are formed. Congregation and community
    members can participate through in-kind and cash donations, or even by offering their
    professional services. They can also volunteer for city outreach events, spirit-led church
    planting and apostolic discipleship. There are many ways to give. The movement
    continuously strives to pave the way for a better future and to bring hope to
    communities that are in need.

    While they spend much of their time Pastoring at their local Pasadena, Ca
    based Harvest Rock Church home base, Pastors Ché and Sue are always looking for
    ways to empower people and help better serve the community. The Dream Fest, which
    is an outreach arm of California Dreamin’, is joined by thousands of believers
    participating in free, citywide festivals, where hot meals are served, family-friendly
    games and prizes, and local education/employment opportunities are provided.

    This week, in light of Covid-19, Pastors Ché and Sue, and their beloved Harvest Rock
    Church have embarked on a new movement called “City Care Project,” dedicated to
    helping those who are most negatively affected by the pandemic in the Pasadena
    Community.  The initiative, which will donate $50,000 this week alone to small
    businesses and single parents in the community, has sought to do what Pastors Ché
    and Sue do best: help those in need.

    Lora Unger – CEO, accepted a check on behalf of The Pasadena Symphony and
    Pops and described the devastation caused by Covid-19, “Our musicians are part of the
    major freelance market of the Los Angeles area and there is no curbside to go options
    for us. We had to lay off our whole orchestra until further notice.” The Pasadena
    Symphony has been included in Phase 4 of the reopening, the date of which is still undetermined.

    Another recipient of the package is Major Williams, founder of philanthropic group Fly Kicks for Kids, which empowers young boys and girls ages 5-17 from low income families. “It’s humbling and it shows you that you are doing the right thing in regards to your intentions for someone to acknowledge you in a way that they want to help contribute or add to what you’re doing.” Says Williams. “I was just grateful, a long smile
    came across my face, and we are really appreciative of Pastor Ché and Pastor Sue and the entire Harvest Rock Church.” Williams, himself a leader in the Pasadena community, has spent a large portion of the Covid-19 quarantine redirecting his
    outreach and coordinating with high-end restaurants to deliver meals free-of-charge to those in need.

    For years, Harvest Rock Church has been a refuge for the home-town congregation of
    Pasadena, California and while Pastors Che Ahn and his wife Sue have contributed
    through their outreach efforts on a global scale with Harvest International Ministries and programs like California Dreamin’ their focus remains consistent: Do the most good in the name of Jesus Christ. For anyone interested in participating through volunteer service or donation, visit: https://harvestrock.church/city-care-project/, follow @hrockchurch and #citycareproject or visit at www.harvestrock.church


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