A New Theory Exclusive on Clean Stand-Up Comedian: EB4REAL!


    I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with San Diego, CA based funny-man, multifaceted, clean stand-up comedian, EB4REAL!

    Rachel Dares: When did you realize you wanted to be a comedian?  

    EB4REAL: Man…I been snappin’ on cats since I was 12 years old, and all through high school as a “class clown”.  So tellin’ jokes came very easy to me.  When I was 18 years old I told my girlfriend (my wife now) I had a million of ‘em.  In 2003, I wrote my first set and performed at my very first open mic.

    Rachel Dares: What is your typical comedy material?

    EB4REAL: I call my material “observational urban snappin’ for the mature and sophisticated audience.  I like to write material about things I hear and see, and then put them into a humorous content.  I’ve been told my style is everyday subject matters that people think about, and I just tend to make it very funny!!!

    Rachel Dares: Your brand of comedy is so different from the typical insult comics, political satirists & vulgar comedians who comprise most of today’s mainstream comedy scene…why did you choose to do clean comedy?  

    EB4REAL: Those acts have been repeated several times over the years, so I wanted to bring something “fresh” to my comedy.  I never want my audience to feel uncomfortable listening to any of my performance.  I want to bring the funny back to comedy , but I can also be edgy if and when the venue requires.

    Rachel Dares: What makes you laugh and who are the comedians you admire? 

    EB4REAL: Like-minded styles of comedians make me laugh.  The old school cats, Reed Foxx, Robin Harris, Rodney Dangerfield, and of course Dave Chappelle and Sommore.

    Rachel Dares: What are some of the struggles you’ve come across in your career and what advice would you give other aspiring comedians?  

    EB4REAL: Wow!  That’s a loaded question because this industry is not people friendly, and there are many cliques in the comedy scene here in San Diego.  There appears to be much favoritism with Bookers that just rotate their friends on every show.  I would like more opportunities to perform locally, but when friends of the Bookers are the only ones chosen for shows it makes it difficult for me to book local shows and now I perform in other cities. My advice to other aspiring comedians would be to go to several open mics, memorize and practice 3 minutes of material, and make sure, if you’re serious, and this is not just a dare or something to check off your bucket list, because some of us who are truly passionate about comedy take our art form very seriously.

    Rachel Dares: What projects are you currently working on?  

    EB4REAL: I’ve currently had my website updated where my followers can connect with me, purchase merchandise and see me at my upcoming gigs. I have a great deal of radio interviews and television appearances, as well as, bookings in the upcoming months so be sure to check in on the latest happenings at EB4REAL.com.

    Rachel Dares:  What’s next for you?  

    EB4REAL: I am extremely hopeful, it has been a great start to a very promising year and I’m excited at the direction of my comedy career. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming show soon!


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