Why Should I Go On Podcasts?

    Podcasting gives the listener the gift of time, try multitasking while watching TV.

    I conducted over 150 podcast interviews as I learned more during these conversations than I did by getting my MBA. With that being said, as a marketer, I kept asking myself why would such big names such as Jordan Belfort, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Perez Hilton come on my lowly show? The simple answer no matter how big or small your brand is, you still need to create awareness for your company.

    Almost 25% of Americans listen to at least one podcast at least monthly. “With the podcasting boom, audio has maintained solid footing in the world of content—telling great stories and growing a loyal audience along the way,” as a recent study launched by Marketing Profs.

    There are many reasons why people listen to podcasts:

    • Almost half (48%) of listeners listen to comedy themed shows; 40% educational shows; 38%, like the news; and 27%, sports, according to the recent study.

    • Millennials continue to be the largest age group, comprising 44% of all listeners; 56% of listeners are male, and 57% are college graduates.

    • They also produce some real money as ad revenue increased from $119 million in 2016 to over $220 million this year

    Check out the podcasting Infographic below:

    In you’re interesting to getting booked on some of the largest and most reputable shows, I highly recommend checking out Command Your Brand Media.  New Theory worked out a deal where you can get a substantial discount on Jeremy Slate’s program which will teach you the tools to take your brand to the next level without spending thousands on publicists.

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    If you sign-up, let us know as we’d be happy to feature some of your podcasts on New Theory.


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