Top 5 Odd Trends That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

    Trends seemingly come and go with the wind. Some linger a little longer than others and some are better than the next, but one thing is for sure…when a trend picks up momentum, people flock to follow what is in the NOW. Recently, we at Insider List have seen some unusual trends that leave us very confused as to why people would jump on board rather than jump ship. Here are our Top 5 Odd Trends that have left us scratching our heads.

      #5 Dying Your Armpit hair

    armpit hair

    For those of you too scared to try the rainbow trend on your head of hair, now you can die your armpit hair! Excited?…Not so much? Me neither!

    The armpit is not known to be one of the most attractive or sexiest parts of the body, but maybe that’s why females are trying to “dress it up” by dying it all funky colors. I do believe that women should have the power to define what they feel is sexy and what makes them feel good rather than society defining it for us, but I have to say… I’ll  skip this trend. Pass the razor please.


     #4 Eyeball Jewelry

    eyeball jewlery

    Risk takers, willing to take a chance in the name of fashion, have taken accessorizing to a whole new level! Eyeball jewelry is a procedure that makes an incision in your sclera, surgically implanting platinum jewelry into your eye. Typically costing about $3,000, this “cute” accessory isn’t cheap. To swap out the shape of your jewelry for another costs about another $1,000 or $300 to take it out completely. Although this procedure is said to be safe and harmless to the eye, it is not approved by the FDA . Personally, I would object to putting any foreign items in my eye that have not been approved for medical reasoning- but as they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


    #3 Eyeball Tattoos

    eyeball tattoos2

    If you thought eyeball jewelry was strange, things are about to get real weird! Gone are the days of wearing colored contacts to change your look. Eyeball tattoos have been around for a while but have been picking up their momentum. By injecting ink into the sclera, you can make the white part of your eye all kinds of crazy colors or even as dark as a black hole. Although this procedure is seemingly painless due to the lack of nerve endings in that part of the eye, it should be done by professionals only. This procedure is permanent and even illegal in some parts of America. If not done properly you could lose your vision or receive a serious infection. I value my sight way too much and I also change my style as often as my mood, therefore, I just can’t see making that type of lifelong color commitment to my eyes.


    #2 The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


    Everyone’s newfound obsession with Kylie Jenner and her luscious lips has girls going crazy trying to artificially plump their pout to look like her. Since most of these girls are young, and probably still living off of their parent’s dollar, they can’t afford traditional fillers or permanent lip injections like Miss Kylie, so here’s what they do… Locate shot glass, insert lips, suck and voila! As you can see from the picture above, the results aren’t always what is desired. This trick to plump up your lips can cause significant pain, swelling and bruising as well as potential scarring and permanent dis-figuration to your face. So ladies, if you haven’t already tired this, JUST DON’T!

    #1 Sunburn Tattoos

    sunburn tattoo

    The trending hashtag #sunburntattoo is growing more and more popular by the day. This dangerous new fad has people strategically placing sunblock in small areas of different shapes and sizes, or putting stickers on their body and allowing the sun to burn their skin around it. This trend puts people at a much higher risk of developing skin cancer and premature aging. Aside from risking skin cancer, sunburn hurts…A LOT! Please people stick to the SPF and use a glitter tattoo instead!


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