A Brief History of Kratom

    Kratom, also referred to as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a type of natural herb that has gained a significant amount of popularity in the West. Centuries ago, people used it in traditional medicines as a cure for several ailments. Because of this reason, people have suddenly developed an interest in kratom and figuring out its truest potential. 

    With new deadly disorders coming to the market, researchers are always trying to look for new pharmaceutical drugs to combat these ailments. However, the people are sick of the chemicals present in these pharmaceuticals. They would rather resort to something natural to heal instead of administering significant amounts of synthetic drugs. 

    As a result, people are looking at kratom and similar herbs that could have many unknown potential benefits. However, traditional medicines aren’t well researched. It also includes kratom, which is often referred to as a natural relaxant and stimulant. There are also some concerns raised by government agencies regarding the safety element. Due to this, there is a huge legal complication that exists today. 

    Before we take a closer look at that, we are going to elucidate the origin of this incredible herb. 


    There isn’t any complete report available regarding the origin of kratom, but people claim that it was first found in the Southeast Asian countries. It is assumed that native societies predominantly consumed kratom, several centuries back. The tribal people used it in the form of a stimulant. They would chew the leaves, and it would result in a stimulating effect, which is quite similar to coffee. 

    However, kratom is also known to enhance energy, appetite, and sexual potency. Therefore, the native tribes would also end up chewing, eating, and smoking it to gain these benefits. Kratom can be bitter in taste, hence consuming it raw wouldn’t be the best idea. Some people also used it in the form of pain relief. 

    In summary, people belonging to the workers’ community who have to work hard on fields and indulge in intense physical work were the ones to use kratom. 

    People with Opposing Views on Kratom

    People belonging to Southeast Asia have a history of chewing kratom leaves for relieving bone and muscle pain, healing wounds, boosting sexual desire, increasing energy, and enhancing sleep. All these uses of kratom are mainly positive. 

    In modern times, some people are against kratom, while another set of people who love kratom. The people against it consider it to be way too good to be true. Therefore, kratom is bound to have some unseen health consequences when used regularly, even if it is ingested for anti-anxiety, recreational, or medicinal purposes. 

    Many people like kratom because of the several testimonials by users claiming that the herb has only resulted in positive experiences when it comes to beating anxiety, boosting energy, and reducing chronic pain.

    The debate about kratom’s advantages and disadvantages is ongoing. The detractors are continuously trying to put more regulation on kratom, which includes attempts of trying to ban it. The proponents think of it as a shame because kratom could bring good to so many people all across the globe. 

    For 1000 years, the world has had kratom users who have enjoyed the benefits that come in the form of increasing energy levels, lowering anxiety, treating diarrhea, boosting mood, relaxing muscles, and reducing inflammation. 

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    Kratom As an Opium Substitute 

    Kratom is considered to be pretty impressive because of its ability to act as a stimulant and relaxant when taken in different doses. Kratom does not contain opiate substances, but the alkaloids present in it act quite similar to opiates. The alkaloids go through a similar binding procedure as opioids in the brain. Because of this reason, kratom can be used for treating opium addiction. 

    It is essential to note that kratom note is not associated with any death. The deaths reported due to kratom use were found to be linked with adulteration of kratom. 

    In the 19th century, Willem Korthals was the one to document that kratom could be used as an opium substitute. He mentioned that opium products weren’t affordable to the natives. Hence, people would use kratom instead to receive similar effects. 

    With more research in this area, people are aiming to find out whether kratom could effectively cure deadly addictions, such as opium. 

    Why People Love Kratom Even Today? 

    We, humans, are equipped with a tendency to key on something. Now it could be the coffee we drink or the beer we consume. We claim that the substance keyed onto will help us in different ways. For example, wine drinkers talk about several pseudo-medical benefits that wine has to offer the human body. On the same lines, people also think drinking beer can make them healthier. 

    You must also have heard about having a tiny amount of scotch every evening to increase longevity. 

    Humans key on things that are easy to see – wine, coffee, beer, whiskey, etc. And kratom could also fall in the same lines, especially when it can help enhance the quality of life. However, moderation is the key to everything. 

    The best answer to a better life would always be not taking any of the substances mentioned above, eating well, meditating, exercising, and sleeping well. However, it does end up making life quite boring. Hence, people choose to do all of the things in moderation, which also includes kratom. 


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