Top 5 Best Places For Pizza In Staten Island

    Everyone knows that New York is home to the best pizza in the world!  However with so many pizzerias on every block, it’s hard to decipher which one’s are worth the indulgence and where to go for the best slice. From original to specialties, thin crust to deep dish, it is understood by the masses that all pizza pies are simply not created equal. Staten Island is bigger than most people realize, so it important to know what is in the radius for your favorite Italian staple!

    Here is a list of the Top 5 Places For Pizza In Staten island and why you need cross over the bridge or hop on that ferry and get there fast!

    #5 Tony’s Brick Oven Pizza

    1140 Bay St., Staten Island NY 10305


    Known for it’s crazy variety of sauces that give each pie a unique flavor, Tony’s Brick Oven Pizza is definitely a favorite amongst Staten Islanders.

    #4 Brother’s Pizzeria

    750 Port Richmond Ave, Staten Island NY 10302

    grandma slice

    If your craving some good old classic, New York’s finest, this local pizza shop is spot on. With a traditional “Grandma Pie” that is raved about, and critically acclaimed for it’s crispy texture and delectable sauce, you might just want to pick up Grandma for a taste test of the authentic treat!

    #3 Nonna’s Pizzeria

    27 Brower Ct, Staten Island NY 10308

    chipolte slics

    This hidden gem takes much pride in their pizza and the consistency is key! Known for their specialty pies like their “Chipotle Slice”, shown above, it’s definitely worth a stop if your in the area. The hardest part will be choosing…

    #2 Denino’s Pizzeria Tavern

    524 Port Richmond Ave, Staten Island NY 10302

    garbage pie

    Known for it’s “Garbage Pie”, which has everything on it but the kitchen sink, this local family friendly restaurant is the kind of place where the entire heard can gather together and enjoy casual dining and delicious pizza. Serving up the freshest ingredients for 73 years!

    #1 The Roadhouse

    1400 Clove Road, Staten Island NY 10301


    Celebrating 40 years of love tradition, The Roadhouse has served the most authentic Italian pizza money can buy- making them a legacy in the heart of Staten Island! Their world famous clam pie is out of this world and considered to be “the best thing in the galaxy.” For a great ambiance and a cozy, family friendly atmosphere The Roadhouse delivers in every way. Mixing traditional pizza with yummy seafood delights, The RoadHouse has created a unique spin on a classic favorite that tastes as good as it looks! Every flavor explodes in every bite from the olive oil, garlic, lightly floured, crisp crust, clams, arugula, parmesan, oregano, sprinkled with other Mediterranean blends and seasonings drizzled after baking in our stone ovens! Widely acclaimed as The RoadHouse’s specialty and Food-Network worthy dish, the Clam Pizza is sought out by individuals traveling from way beyond the bridge.





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