Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

    Since 2009, blockchain technologies have opened up more opportunities for people, including traders.

    That is, from the first decade, the first cryptocurrency markets appeared, which then became quite promising rivals to conventional exchanges – currency and stock.

    Back in 2009, an unknown person calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto introduced humanity to the first and only then best bitcoin wallet. By the way, many people mistakenly consider this person “the founder of cryptocurrency.” In fact, back in 1999, Neil Stevenson in his novel “Cryptonomicon” described the positive results that the world can expect after the introduction of the digital currency.

    Now let’s remember the story with pizza. One developer bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. And a lot of people now say that it didn’t make any sense at all, but the purpose of this action was to show that for cryptocurrency it is possible to buy a material thing – pizza.

    Bitcoin has continued to grow, and traders from around the world continue to dream of what it would be like if they bought a few thousand bitcoins back in 2009.

    Obviously, the cryptocurrency market has room to grow, and some people even predict that this market will soon be ahead of Forex, but now Forex is clearly ahead of cryptocurrency, according to the data of one software development company

    After analyzing the history of the cryptocurrency market, we can notice one very important thing – it is evolving, and this development will definitely continue. E-currency trading opens unlimited prospects for earnings, because you can make a profit not only when the coin rises, but also when it falls (short position).

    The main features that shape the popularity of the cryptocurrency market:

    Availability 24/7, without weekends and holidays. 

    Unlike classic financial markets, the cryptocurrency market has no general time limits. 

    Its mode of operation is 24/7, trades are held here at any time.

    Low entry threshold. 

    In order to conduct transactions in the foreign exchange market, the investor must have a fairly large deposit, and not all novice traders can afford it. 

    If we talk about the stock market, then it is not easy for beginners. For example, to start working in the US stock market you need to have a deposit of tens of thousands of dollars. 

    But in most cases, ten dollars will be enough to start trading with the free crypto signals.

    The volatility of cryptocurrencies is much higher than fiat currencies. 

    Some investors who have been operating in the traditional financial market for a long time are very dissatisfied with this situation. 

    But I must say that high price fluctuations do not repel traders, but rather attract. The trick is that when traders trade fiat currencies, they often use borrowed capital, because there is low volatility. And that is why most Forex transactions are carried out using “leverage” or “leverage”. But cryptocurrencies can be traded on the spot market, and that is why there are no margins when the risks are minimal.

    In conclusion, we can say that the cryptocurrency market is at a certain stage of development and its popularity we have not even seen. From very young but has impressive prospects. A lot of people say that soon cryptocurrency in our lives will be close to ordinary currencies and we will buy products for Bitcoins, but time will tell.


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