A Beginners Guide to Hunting Gear

    Suppose you’re not the traditional hunter who scouts for fowl and game for generations before you; finding the perfect hunting gear can be nerve-racking and even life-threatening. After all, whether you are hunting locally or deep into the mountains, you must be prepared.


    Compiled here are the best must-haves to help you prepare for a life-changing hunting trip that will help you feel confident and organized no matter where you are.


    Gather your emergency navigation supplies & camo

    Beginner hunters should never head into the mountains without emergency supplies or the correct clothing. You will most likely be out in the wild without cell phone reception, access to cellular locating technology, or food.


    Find your state public land maps to navigate the mountains or plains without cell phone reception. Public land maps are the options to navigate public and private lands where you can legally hunt wildlife (https://hecshunting.hecsllc.com/hunting-seasons/deer/), camping spots, and overlanding routes in the United States.


    The clothes you wear are equally as important. The right camo can make or break your hunting trip, so ensure you’re adequately dressed for the conditions.


    Choose the species you want to hunt – it matters

    Although you may be fixated on a specific species to hunt, you may not be prepared for the hunting method that species requires for a successful hunt, such as the right decoys, game calls, and scent eliminators and attractors.


    Still hunting is the best style of hunting for beginners looking to hunt animals on the ground, through pastures, and hillsides. It is an effective method for hunting big game like winter bucks, where masking your scent with a scent eliminator can put your hunt at risk.


    However, small game like rabbits or fowl doesn’t notice a human odor. In addition, ambush hunting that includes terrain advantage tree stands, blinds, and game calls is ideal for big games like elk and deer that rely on their viewpoint.


    Fuel your body for adventure

    Local and long hunting trips require essential foods that fuel your body without drawing too much attention. And that includes hunting trips that go overnight where a cup of coffee in the morning is much needed.


    So, before you hit the mountains, try adding easy-to-pack oatmeal packets that can cook under water or with a stove. Oatmeal pairs easily with dried fruit and nuts for easy, hearty fuel. And while you’re at it, throw some protein-fat-rich jerky in your bag for long-lasting energy.


    And if your hunting trip extends into the night hours, pack a hearty amount of freeze-dried meal you can enjoy around the fire. They are brisk and effortless to prepare, easy to clean, and give you the perfect energy to roam and hunt.


    Start planning your hunting trip today

    Now that you’ve gotten your beginners checklist on the bare minimum that your hunt requires, bring home some delicious eats, map out your routes, pack your gear, get a good night’s rest, and get ready for your first-best hunting experience.

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