Joey King spotted on the Atlanta set of Netflix’s new film “The Family Affair”

    Recently, the actor Joey King was found in Atlanta, Georgia, on the set of “The Family Affair” a Netflix original movie. The actor was accompanied by her co-star Zac Efron.


    Joey King, known best for her role in the 2018 film and its sequel “The Kissing Booth,” looked laid back in a casual outfit consisting of a T-shirt and slim-fitted cargo pants.


    The graphic shirt worn by the actress sported a text saying, ‘I’m a little devil.’ It highlighted a small blonde devil

    screen printed on the front. She carried her baby t-shirt proudly and walked briskly on the streets of Atlanta while putting on her leather backpack and talking to a film crew member.


    This comes just a couple of days after she promoted her latest

    action movie “Bullet Train” in Europe and the U.S. with co-stars Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.


    More about “The Family Affair


    Netflix is all set to release a romantic comedy film, “The Family Affair,” and when you will realize what this movie is all about, and especially who will be there to play the leads, beside Joey King, you will want to see this film right away!


    The Family Affair is an upcoming Netflix original movie directed and written by Richard LaGravenese. He is known for writing and directing some blockbuster movies like “P.S. I Love You” and “The Last Five Years”.


    Netflix acquired the screenplay of this movie in early 2022, and production is scheduled to jumpstart in August. To know more about “The Family Affair,” continue reading.


    The Family Affairs cast


    The cast members of Netflix’s “The Family Affair” announced so far are Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman, “The In Between’s” Joey King, and “Neighbors’” Zac Efron. All these superstars have been casted in lead.


    Kidman and Efron have worked together a couple of times earlier as well. They both were featured in the crime drama film “The Paperboy .”In addition, this isn’t Kidman, Efron, or Joey King’s first project with Netflix. Rather, these actors have worked on other Netflix projects earlier.


    Kidman was the lead in the Netflix musical film “The Prom .”Efron has been cast in Netflix’s movies titled “Extremely Wicked,” “Shockingly Evil,” andVile,” and an original series named “Down to Earth” with Zac Efron; all of these movies are currently streaming on Netflix. Also, Joey King was found starring in the lead role in Netflix’s “The Kissing Booth” trilogy.


    The running cast list for the film announced so far:


    • Zac Efron
    • Joey King
    • Nicole Kidman
    • Kathy Bates
    • Liza Koshy


    The Family Affair synopsis


    The story of Netflix’s romantic comedy film “The Family Affair” revolves around a young woman, her mother, and her movie star boss. Here’s what Netflix provided us about the movie’s plot and what we know about the film, provisionally titled “The Family Affair.”


    Richard LaGravenese will direct this Netflix’s yet-untitled romantic comedy. Richard is an oscar nominee who has produced some blockbuster films; his credits include “Paris Je t’aime”, “Freedom Writers,” and others.


    We also got the news that LaGravenese and Carrie Solomon collaborated on the script of this latest drama. The project’s casting directors are Tara Feldstein, Chase Paris, and Rich Delia. Netflix purchased the rights in 2022.


    The movie majorly focuses on a stunning romance story that kicks off comic consequences for a young woman, her mother, and her movie star boss.


    Although Kidman, Efron, and Joey King’s characters’ names and descriptions have not been revealed yet by Netflix, we believe it’s well clear who they will be playing in the film after reading the synopsis.


    Netflix’s “The Family Affair” release updates


    Netflix has not announced an official release date of the movie yet, and also, it is not expected for the streamer to do so anytime soon. Although the movie production has started, Netflix is expected to typically announce the release date when they’re close to the finish of post-production or after it is entirely over. For now, the release date prediction is sometime in 2023.

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