Old Trapper Jerky Product Review

    I had the pleasure to check out Old Trapper Jerky. Normally, I do not eat Beef Jerky, but since it’s packaged with Cheese, it caught my interest. Old Trapper’s Beef ‘n Cheese Zero Sugar Snack Sticks come in colorful packaging that catches the eye.

    These satisfying and “guilt-free” snacks containing two ticks are perfect for a grab-and-go healthy snack. They are relatively low in calories and carbohydrates and protein, as well as packed full of iron and zinc, which are essential minerals that help boost the immune system and fuel the body.

    The Original version of the product includes a delicious smoked beef stick that is accompanied by a stick of satisfying American cheese. The Jalapeño version amps up the spiciness with Jalapeno pepper flavor and a spicy Pepper Jack cheese stick. Whether this snack duo is savored together or enjoyed one at a time, Beef ‘n Cheese snack sticks are great for healthy and savory snacking.
    They are individually sold in grocery checkout lines and convenience stores nationwide. MSRP: $21 for 14-count box.  Check out their website here: https://oldtrapper.com/


    • Tom La Vecchia

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