8 Tips on How to Send Flowers Internationally

    Are you thinking of surprising someone who is living overseas for a special occasion? The best way to do this is to send flowers. Flowers make a great gift for all kinds of special occasions including birthday, Valentine’s Day, graduation, and Christmas. The following are 8 tips on how to send flowers internationally.

    1. Place Order with International Floral Delivery Company

    Firstly, you will have to place an order for the flower bouquet with an international floral delivery company. If you order via an international flower delivery company, the local florist that is nearest to the recipient’s address will make the delivery. At the international florist site, don’t forget to select the delivery destination to see the available offers. 

    Usually, you have to register for an account at the florist site. From the account, you can track the shipping of your flower until it is received by the recipient. The advantage of using an international flower company is that they will help you to deliver the flowers fresh to the destination. They have their own delivery worker to hand-deliver the flowers to ensure the flowers arrive in good condition.

    2. Selecting a Flower Arrangement

    You can pick more than one type of flower and add them to your cart. They have florists to help you arrange the flower into a professional bouquet. You can type the flower name into the search box to see the available bouquets available such as single stem, 1 dozen, and 2 dozens. You can then see if they offer discounts when you buy more. When choosing flowers, you should consider the type of flowers preferred by the recipient.

    3. Adding a Personal Message

    When you order flowers online, remember to add a personal message for the notecard that is attached to the bouquet. You only have to write a short and compact message because it is a small card. The notecard is usually included free. If it does not, you can add it as an extra add-on.

    4. Purchasing Add-ons

    There is the option to purchase an add-on to make your floral gift more special. Every florist offers different types of add-ons items such as teddy bears, and chocolates. The add-ons that the florist offer are chosen carefully to ensure they are acceptable to the recipient. If you decide to send your own add-ons, you have to make sure that it is acceptable to the recipient. In some countries, they have different cultures, and you want to make sure that the add-on you choose will not be sent back to you.

    5. Choosing a Shipping Method

    The next step is to choose a shipping method. When you choose shipping, you will want to consider the availability of the recipient. The standard shipping is the cheapest. If it is a rush order, you can choose overnight or next day shipping.

    6. Reading Reviews of the Florist

    Before sending flowers, make sure you have already checked the ratings of the florist. Even if it is a big brand florist, you never know their service quality until you read the feedback. Through the feedback, you can know whether the online florist fulfills the order and deliver the bouquet on time as promised. You will not want your recipient to be annoyed by the florist that offers poor quality service.

    7. Don’t Wait for Last Minute

    If the flowers are for a special occasion, you should not wait for the last minute to place the order. If you wait for the last minute, most of the flowers will be sold out and you will have a few varieties to choose from. Besides, most florist stores don’t offer last-minute floral deliveries. So, if you want your flowers to arrive on time, make sure you order in advance, for example, 7 days ahead of the delivery date.

    8. Sending Flowers from a Local Florist

    There are alternative ways to send flowers if you don’t want to use an international flower company. You can search on Google for a local florist in the recipient’s neighborhood and make a phone call to the shop owner that you want to order flowers. It will cost more if you place a phone order with a large chain company. The downside is that many of the local florists don’t accept an order from customers in other countries. You can also ask someone you know who lives near there to help you pick the flowers and deliver them to the recipient.


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