VPN For College Students: 3 Tips You Should Know

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    Schools and colleges have strict policies regarding having access to online content. Some colleges block a number of websites and services so that the student won’t be distracted. They lock out gaming, streaming and social websites in an effort to make students focus on studies. Other than that, college firewalls also block students from accessing content required for research. 

    When you connect to college wifi,  network admins can easily track your online actions and monitor your online presence on and off-campus. So you are forced to spend your time doing nothing during the break between classes. It can be frustrating and absolutely boring. But if you want to get your online freedom back, then your best bet is VPN.

    What Is VPN?

    Lets first talk about what VPN is. If you are not familiar with this acronym, it stands for “virtual private network.” VPN is an efficient online security technology. It protects your internet traffic over public networks. It masks your IP that makes your online activities untraceable and you can access any website that is blocked.

    College students can use VPN and spend their breaks doing something more fun. So here are the top 3 VPN tips for college students

    Tips For Using VPN For College Students

    Know The Different VPN Qualities 

    Every VPN has different qualities. Every VPN prioritizes something. It could be the anonymity, it could be the encryption or it could be the speed. Make sure you get a VPN that is according to your needs. Your priority should match theirs.  For Example, if you want to access content that is geo-blocked you should get a VPN that has a reputation to unlock the content. 

    You should also check the security protocol and if the VPN includes a kill-switch feature. 

    Look Out For Discounts

    It is undeniable that college students struggle with saving money and are always broke. VPN services can be expensive for a college student. But don’t worry anymore, because some VPN companies offer huge discounts.  

    Most of the students get a big load of assignments and quizzes during summers. Therefore, a lot of VPN companies offer some percentage off from their monthly/yearly subscription. If you want to buy a subscription then this is the opportunity to grab.

    If you want a good VPN service without spending a lot, you should keep an eye for such offers. 

    Find a VPN With A User-Friendly Interface

    If you are not a tech-savvy and do not want trouble, it’s important you find a VPN that is user friendly. The setup on a lot of VPNs can be really complicated and it will be a hassle to understand how it works. it’s important to find one that offers simple procedures and a user-friendly platform.

    Try to find VPNs that offer a virtual setup, it will save you time and you won’t even have to lift your finger.  

    There are countless VPN services out in the market but Avast VPN and NordVPN are the two best VPN companies. You should further read about VPNs and see which is better between Avast VPN and NordVPN.


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