7 Ways A Good Sermon Can Leave You Feeling Inspired

    There’s a reason that a good sermon has such a powerful effect on a crowd. Actually, there are many reasons, but the point remains the same. When you have a charismatic, energized pastor giving a sermon, you start to feel the words in your very soul. It hits differently than sitting at home reading the Word by yourself or in a Bible group. There’s something about the pastor’s voice, perspective, energy, and the feel of the crowd around you that can leave you feeling inspired.

    There are thousands of pastors in the United States, but only a few have made such an impact as to draw thousands or even millions of listeners. When you hear Samuel Rodriguez Jr sermons, Joel Osteen sermons, or a preacher like T.D. Jakes, you’re hearing something that hits your very soul. 

    Here are seven ways a good sermon can leave you feeling inspired.

    1. The Pastor’s Voice

    The voice of a speaker can make a huge difference in the delivery of the message and how it’s received by an audience. A monotone, uninspired voice is sure to invoke feelings of dread and boredom rather than devotion and inspiration. Pastors like T.D. Jakes speak in such a way as to demand the attention of the room. That’s what a good pastor should sound like!

    Have you ever heard someone who speaks in a dull, uninteresting tone? It’s likely you didn’t think much of their speech, and probably began to think about other things during the presentation. 

    2. Another Perspective

    Sometimes, we get caught up in our own perspective of what we’ve read. Even though the Bible contains the ultimate truth, everyone interprets that truth in their own way. This is mostly why there have been so many conflicts rooted in religion, because a different perspective can give offense.

    On the other hand, sometimes we need to hear another perspective in order to understand the message better. We often get caught up in our own minds and biases, which can prevent the intended message from hitting home. A good sermon can give you a fresh perspective and reinforce the ideas you’ve been struggling with. For those who practice this, a good sermon may also help guide you during your Bible meditations in the morning or evening.

    3. God Speaks Through His Followers

    Another reason to listen to a good sermon is that God himself speaks through the Bible and his followers. If you want to hear God personified on Earth, there’s no better way to do so than listening to an inspiring sermon. God’s followers present His word in terms we can all understand, and speak on his behalf.

    4. Passion and Energy

    Along with a powerful voice, the demeanor of the speaker can inspire or…not inspire the crowd. It’s always exciting to see a passionate pastor that’s full of energy and pride for the Word of God giving a sermon. That passion and energy can be incredibly contagious!

    If you’ve ever left an upbeat sermon feeling like you can take on the world, you know exactly what I mean. You feel full of energy, and that energy can stick with you for hours or even days after the sermon has ended. Those are the sermons you’ll remember.

    5. The Energy Of The Crowd

    There’s power in numbers, and that’s never been more true than in the middle of a sermon. You’ll feel the energy of the people around you surging with the Holy Spirit as the Word reaches them. The crowd becomes impassioned and that energy the pastor brought to the sermon reaches everyone around you.

    Have you ever been to a concert? It’s the same sort of feeling. The music reaches everyone and unites them under the same joy, and it’s the same with a good sermon.

    6. God Is With You

    Many people have reported feeling the very presence of God himself inside a church when certain sermons are spoken. God is with us always, but sometimes, it takes something like an impassioned sermon for us to feel His presence. He doesn’t always reveal himself, but you might be able to feel Him there with you while the pastor is speaking. That’s reason enough to attend a sermon! 

    7. Sometimes Reading Just Isn’t Enough

    How many times have you read the passages in the Bible? Sometimes, reading just isn’t enough, and it’s ok to say so. It’s not a sin to grow weary of reading the same passages, and if you attend a sermon, they can take on a new life for you.

    Maybe you just need to hear them in a different way, from a different perspective. Maybe you just need to be surrounded by other believers for the message to really hit home. Everyone experiences their faith and the Bible differently, and there are no hard rules on how it should be done.


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