How High Could MCO Climb in 2020?

    The world of cryptos changes its shape every day — if not every hour. The volatile nature of digital money continues to be the primary source of profit for many experienced traders.

    Monaco (MCO) is a cryptocurrency that recently captured the attention of some traders. What is it exactly, and how much does it cost? Most importantly — will MCO’s price climb in 2020, and how high?

    We’ll try to answer all these questions in this short guide to Monaco.

    Monaco — Current Price, All-Time High, All-Time Low

    Before we can talk about the future of MCO, we need to discuss its past first.

    The talk about MCO started with the Monaco ICO when a company from Switzerland released this ERC20 token for the original price of $0.0686, which is also considered its all-time low price.

    Monaco did raise a lot of attention from crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts, and the coin took off to a pretty good start, reaching its all-time high in less than two months after ICO wrapped up on June 17, 2019. The highest that MCO ever got was $27.1 per unit. After that, the price fluctuated a lot, but it never managed to reach that amount.

    MCO Price in 2020

    The current price of MCO is below $1.5. What makes it interesting is that the price of the coin has never been that low except for the first few weeks after the ICO.

    That’s why some traders could see this as an opportunity to buy MCO and start a new increase in prices and a bullish atmosphere.

    But what we’ve seen so far has been the exact opposite. Namely, MCO started 2020 at $4.00, but then a dip happened in March, probably caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The prices slowly returned back up to around $4 and above during the summer, only to result in another decline in September, October, and November, reaching the lowest price since MCO’s inception.

    The question we asked in this article is — how HIGH the price could go? However, the answer isn’t optimistic. Instead of giving you a concrete answer, we’ll have to leave that open. 

    Where to Trade MCO?

    MCO isn’t as popular as some other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it’s not even in the first 100 based on its market cap. Therefore, it may be challenging to find it in many online exchanges.

    However, there’s a DEX that offers MCO trading pairs at low fees — Feel free to check out this platform and see how it works.

    Basically, you need to select the crypto you wish to buy and the one you’d like to sell. The converter’s left part is marked with “You Send”, and you should select a cryptocurrency you want to exchange. The right field is marked with You Get, and that’s where the crypto you’re buying should be selected.

    For example, if you want to buy MCO to COS, just select the two popular cryptocurrencies in their respective fields, and will do the rest for you. In other words, you’ll get the price of one crypto by entering the amount of the other.

    Godex comes with three major advantages, including low fees, unlimited trading, and fixed prices. The last one is particularly hand for extremely volatile cryptocurrencies. It fixes the price when you initiate the exchange so that you receive the exact amount you were shown, even if the price changes in the meantime.


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