18 Common Yet Effective Things To Do To Maintain Health And Fitness

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    Maintaining your health and fitness can be difficult considering that most of our lifestyles have detrimental effects to our body. To be able to live a healthy life means a combination of eating right, exercising properly and changing harmful habits. These 18 tips are ways to be able to maintain fitness and health:

    1. Sleep 6-8 hours a day

    It is unbelievable how many people forget to do this basic thing. Sleep represents an important aspect of your health and fitness journey because this is when the body is at rest. It also gives the body a chance to do its natural healing process. Enough sleep will give you the energy to face another day for work.

    1. Limit Craving Desserts And Sweets

    Sugar cravings can be tough to curb and sometimes it takes every bit of your willpower just to stop yourself from eating anything sweet. But you have to do it! Of course, you still have to quench your hunger. Just eat something that is healthier like soup or salads.

    1. Swim Regularly

    Swimming is one of the most effective physical activities out there for people who want to lose weight. A freestyle swim for one hour can shed off 400-700 calories for the average person. It also helps that the temperature of the water helps soothe the muscles all over the body.

    1. Go On Yoga Sessions

    Yoga is a popular activity used by people to relax using body postures, meditation and breath control. A yoga session can cause the loss of at least 150 calories in the body, which is more than most traditional exercises. Most importantly, it relaxes and sharpens the mind at the same time, resulting in a more holistic approach to health.

    1. Increase Protein Intake

    Protein plays a huge role in the building of your muscles. Exercising break down some of your muscles and eating protein-rich food is the best way to replenish the body’s supply. The usual source of protein is meat like pork, beef, chicken or fish. You may also go for healthier alternatives like nuts and legumes.

    1. Drink Lots Of Water

    The value of water in health and fitness can never be underestimated. Water assists the body      in flushing out toxins and hydrates the cells in the body. It also energizes the body, helping         you be more focused at the task at hand. The preferred amount of water for your      consumption on a daily basis is at 8-10 glasses.

    1. Join Marathons

    Fitness is not just about building the strength of your muscles. It is also about improving the endurance of these tissues. One way you can do this is by participating in marathons, which are known for boosting agility, strength and explosiveness.

    1. Adopt A Vegan Lifestyle

    If you want to go for a diet that is high on protein but low on carbs, a vegan diet may be the best option for you. While there is still no consensus regarding the claim of vegans that eating food made from animals slowly kill us, a plant-based diet is efficient as it rarely requires the body to work hard to get rid of some toxins.

    1. Stock Up On Fruits

    You can never go wrong with fruits. The great thing about fruits is the fact that they can be eaten almost any time of the day. They are also a healthier replacement for the sugary desserts that our tongues have been used to for so long. Choose fresh fruit if possible as they have not been treated with preservatives.

    1. Stop Smoking

    Smoking is proven to have caused as much as 84 percent of the deaths from fatal diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer. This is reason enough for you to start quitting now. It is not going to be easy but you do not have to rush it.

    1. Play Badminton With Friends

    Due to the movement-heavy nature of badminton, it is considered to be among the sports that are most effective for losing weight. Depending on the duration of play and body mass of the player, they can lose 200-300 calories every session. Plus, there is something rewarding about the idea of being competitive in this sport.

    1. Detox With Lemon

    Fitness buffs sing lemon water high praises. It can help improve the metabolism in the body, making it tougher for fat to form. The lemon’s acid also triggers electrolytes, which are particularly helpful for those who exercise as it hydrates the body. Just put some wedges of lemon in a pitcher of water and you are ready for a simple detox.

    1. Jog Every Morning

    Jogging every morning not only helps you keep off the fats. It also makes sure that your mind and body are ready for what lies ahead in the day by energizing you.

    1. Refrain From Eating Snacks Throughout The Day

    Eating snacks multiple times a day can actually lead to you consuming more calories. It may be a healthier option to just eat a full meal in one go.

    1. Try Out Boxing

    Boxing is a powerful fitness regimen due to its intensity. It requires a lot of varied and fast movement, which means all the muscles in the body will be on high alert while you are on the ring.

    1. Control Your Meal Portions

    Discipline is a big part of your road to becoming more fit. This is especially true in eating. You have to make sure that the food you eat are in portions that are just enough for you. You can do this by tricking yourself into thinking that you are consuming a lot. This can be done by using a smaller plate as our minds are conditioned into thinking to eat everything in front of us.

    1. Walk After Work

    This may sound simplistic but since you no longer have to worry about looking too good for work, you can actually afford to be sweaty when you get home. Walking can be a bit relaxing too after a stressful day in the office.

    1. Go Cycling

    Cycling can be a very fun way to stay fit. It can be the transport to and from your workplace. If you are a woman, choose from this huge collection of women’s bicycles for sale. If you love enjoying your time at the beach, you can have a beach cruiser for women. It will enable you to have the best out of your beach vacation and also have a fit body.


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