7 Simple Health and Fitness Tips for Super Busy Women

    It’s a busy world out there and finding time to lead a healthier life can be challenging. As a busy woman, you often decide to postpone something good for you to get the job done. And while being a successful mother, wife or employee is important, you need to find time for yourself, as well.

    For those who are looking for ideas, here are 7 simple health and fitness tips for super busy women that will help them improve self-care.

    1. Start your day with stretching

    Stretching every morning will only take five minutes of your time and you can do it anywhere in your house. You can even stretch while waiting for the coffee machine, watching the news and even preparing breakfast. Choose the movements that are the most comfortable to you and do them slowly to avoid injuries.

    Start with simple moves like raising arms above your head and stretching like that for a few seconds. Then proceed to touch your toes but don’t overstrain yourself and do it slowly as lower as you can. Stretch your neck left and right and then turn your body to both sides to wake up the back muscles and get your shoulders moving.

    1. Always have breakfast

    Skipping meals is a big “No-No” since it can lead to various health problems like low blood sugar, dizziness, and loss of concentration. That is why you should always start your day with breakfast to speed up your metabolism and get energy.

    For example, opt for making smoothies instead of eating pancakes which take a longer time to prepare. Try something new like avocado and egg toast and chia pudding, and don’t forget to mix it up so you would be inspired to have breakfast every morning.

    1. Cook smartly

    Besides using healthier ingredients when preparing food, start cooking for a few days in advance. Use food containers to store meal portions in the refrigerator and heat them when needed. This is something especially useful on a really busy week when you would otherwise eat fast food or something equally unhealthy.

    Chicken burritos you can freeze, vegetable stew and a hearty soup are only some of the ideas for meals you can eat for several days. This is also a practical way to carry your lunch to work and eat more healthily even when swamped with work.

    1. Try 30-minute exercises

    All it takes is 30 minutes of exercise every day to improve your physical and mental health. From yoga to HIIT, you can easily find what suits you best and start your daily fitness regime. When exercising, the body produces feel-good hormones that boost the mood, creativity and eliminate stress.

    Also, sweating will remove toxins from your body while your heart rate will increase and you will feel more energized. If you need something to increase productivity and keep you healthy, then half an hour of exercise every day is just your thing.

    1. Have a practical beauty regime

    A practical beauty regime will inspire you to take care of your skin every day without exceptions. Besides drinking enough water and taking vitamins, your skin also needs regular cleaning and moisturizing. Wear face masks while doing other things like preparing food or working at home.

    Also, make sure to wear sunscreen no matter the weather since UV rays lead to premature aging signs and hyperpigmentation. Even when you are too tired, take a few minutes to remove the makeup and apply moisturizer for a radiant complexion in the morning.

    1. Take care of your body

    While exercising and food will help you take care of your body, there are also more ways to do so. Use bidet buyers guide to buy a perfect toilet fixture that will improve the hygiene of your nether regions. But also stop wearing uncomfortable and synthetic underwear to avoid irritations.

    Regular appointments with your doctor are something you won’t have to do every month. Gynecological checkups are recommended once a year, as are blood work and overall physical exam. However, don’t forget to treat yourself with a spa day once in a while to relax the tense muscles.

    1. Don’t save on sleep

    Usually, busy people tend to sacrifice sleep in order to get the job done. However, this is something that will bring a lot of stress to your body and mind. So, change this habit by setting strict rules for yourself that will improve the quality of sleep.

    Don’t have your phone, tablet, and even TV in the bedroom since the light they emit will prevent melatonin production. If you need some aid to fall asleep, read a book or use a sound machine to ease you into the REM stage. An eye mask and earplugs are great ways to eliminate lights and noises, or simply put on the heavy drapes and close the bedroom doors and windows.

    All in all

    Taking care of health is all about adopting new habits and good planning so even the super-busy women to exercise, eat healthily and sleep more. Just like any change, it will take time to get used to but start slow and go from there.


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