Health – The Universal Beauty Standard in 5 Steps

    The definition of beauty has been changing throughout the ages, but has there been something constant in our sensitivity to physical appearance?

    Constructive theorists might argue that our perception of beauty is entirely constructed by society’s dictum, but there is undeniably a universal cross-cultural ideal of beauty. This ideal is, in essence, health.

    We could argue that even the inner beauty depends on good health. So what’s in a healthy look that makes us more appealing?

    1. Exercise

    Of course, exercising will help get you in better shape, shed some pounds, and gain muscles, but there are other beauty benefits to exercising you might not have considered. Apart from being crucial for your physical and mental health, it is also a big factor when it comes to healthy skin.

    Cardio exercises increase blood flow, which carries oxygen and flushes the cellular waste. Stress levels are reduced as well, and since stress hormones influence sebum production, stress can lead to bad skin conditions.

    Just as with sleep, higher energy levels and good mood are more likely to attract people. Also,

    warmer body temperature brings people closer together and makes them seem more attractive.

    2. Sleep

    Beauty sleep is something you should take more literally and seriously. It does not only affect your looks, but your social acceptance as studies find that people are more likely to avoid sleep-deprived individuals.

    Lack of sleep affects your mood and energy levels, which are also indicators of your well-being. But there are various negative effects on your facial appearance. Your skin ages more quickly due to minimized collagen production, and higher cortisol levels caused by sleep deprivation lead to hair loss and skin inflammation. It can also cause the release of insulin which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and makes you gain more weight.

    3. Diet

    Of course, diet has to do with your health. Recent studies even show that gut health may be responsible for many of the issues concerning our mental health, from mood changes to severe depression, schizophrenia, and autism.

    But physically, gut and liver health is important for our hormonal balance, which can be a cause of acne, dry skin and eyes, hair loss, facial hair, and so on.

    Of course, exercise goes hand in hand with a change in diet when it comes to getting in shape. You can look here to see more information on how to prepare your meals during training.

    4. Smell

    The smell can be a powerful determinant when it comes to attraction. We usually don’t take it into account, but it can be more powerful than visual appeal. This is because smell is the most primitive of the senses, meaning it hasn’t changed ever since it was developed to help us survive.

    Bad smell indicates that someone or something is not healthy, thus we perceive it as unattractive. Having a healthy diet can improve smell and breath, but making sure your clothes are clean should do it as well.

    5. Clear skin

    The cosmetic products are not there just to make you preserve a youthful look, but also to make your skin clear and healthy-looking. Bad skin condition is another indicator of bad health.

    Apart from having to deal with possible factors mentioned above, such as stress, hormonal disbalance, poor diet, and so on, there are measures you can take to stave off impurities and keep it looking youthful. Exfoliating to remove dead skin, hydrating and wearing sun protection are the three steps that will prove to be of help in the long run.

    It shouldn’t surprise us that we are increasingly worrying about our health, making the beauty industry today the main marketing promoter of health products. But in the end, we don’t need all those products, as long as we address these five key factors.


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