How Ivana Bonaccorsi Used Innovative Marketing Strategies to Broaden the Reach for the University of California’s Study Abroad Programs

    Ivana Bonaccorsi has worked tirelessly in broadening the reach of the University of California San Diego Extension’s study abroad program. Having been born and raised in Brazil, as well as having studied abroad in America, Ivana understands what marketing strategies are needed to better appeal to international students. She has assisted in dramatically increasing the enrollment rates of international students at UC San Diego Extension, especially among those who live in her home country of Brazil. 

    It is clear that Ivana Bonaccorsi has a much more in-depth knowledge of international studies than most.  Aside from having a vast amount of personal experience, she is committed to fully understanding every aspect of UC San Diego Extension’s enrollment process for international students, the various programs offered, and all the benefits the university can provide students. These amenities allow her to give international students the heightened level of support and guidance they need to have an enjoyable experience while studying abroad.

    How Did the Program Function Previously?

    In the past, representatives from the University of California San Diego attended study-abroad events, visited partners, made agreements with other universities, and worked with various government-sponsored entities, including Education USA and IIE, among others. Additionally, the department offered a website that provided information on the programs offered at UC San Diego.

    Due to Ivana Bonaccorsi’s involvement, however, the market in Brazil was able to grow exponentially. Due to her hard work, dedication, and ability to seek new partnership opportunities, the number of international students from Brazil who were attending UCSD grew by 25% in her first two years in the position alone. By her third year working for the university, enrollment of Brazilian study-abroad students had risen by 106%.

     What Did Ivana Bonaccorsi Do To Gain a Broader Reach? 

    To gain a higher enrollment for international students at UC San Diego Extension International Programs, Ivana Bonaccorsi suggested the implementation of an online placement predictor test for UCSD’s various specific-purpose English programs. She recognized that many students were hesitant to apply because they did not want to wait until the required in-person assessment test to learn whether or not they would qualify for the programs which they had enrolled in. When students do not qualify for the program in which they are enrolled, they are transferred to another program that is more appropriate for them based on their level of English proficiency. In this case, students often end up in a program that is more focused on general English, as opposed to the specialty program they were hoping to take. 

    The online proficiency test helps students to avoid frustration and makes them aware when they need to expand their knowledge of the English language before studying in the United States. This simple predictive test has done wonders in quelling the fears of international students and, in turn, raising the rate of enrollment in UC San Diego Extension’s study-abroad programs. 

    What Has Been the Most Effective Strategy Ivana Bonaccorsi Implemented For Increasing Enrollment?

    According to Ivana Bonaccorsi, the superb quality of the programs offered at UC San Diego Extension, the combination of employing highly-qualified team members, attending study abroad events across the world, and having partnership agreements with top universities and study abroad agencies was the recipe for UCSD’s success. Additionally, she puts great importance on providing the most up-to-date information to UCSD’s partners and visiting them in-person. 

    Most importantly, Ivana Bonaccorsi truly listens to both students and partners to ensure those who choose to study abroad have the best and most life-changing experience possible. Based on the positive impact she has had on UC San Diego Extension’s international student enrollment, it is clear that her simple strategies are incredibly successful. 

    Ivana Bonaccorsi: An Asset To the University of California:

    It should go without saying that Ivana Bonaccorsi’s extreme dedication to her profession and international students is a significant asset to the University of California San Diego. Her personal experience, combined with her incredible knowledge of the programs available to international students, has attributed to the success which she and UC San Diego Extension International Programs have enjoyed. 

    Ivana Bonaccorsi has already made an incredible impact on the lives of hundreds of international students. With her help, UC San Diego will undoubtedly become one of the most sought-after universities in America for international students to attend. 

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