The Surprising Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

    After a good night’s rest, there’s one noticeable thing that stands out: you feel awesome! However, this feeling is a culmination of various different impacts to your body that contribute to your overall health.

    It’s time to stop thinking of an investment in a super comfortable or adjustable bed as a luxury and start thinking of it as a necessity for giving your body what it needs to thrive. Here are five surprising benefits of getting a good night of sleep.

    Improved Heart Health

    Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your overall heart health. In fact, those who do not get enough sleep are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and events than others, regardless of their lifestyle (exercise, smoking, etc.)

    Your heart health can be further improved with an adjustable bed, as it can be customized to your sleeping needs (source: When positioned correctly, an adjustable bed can promote better circulation and reduce strain on your heart while sleeping.

    Hormonal Balance

    Hormonal changes and fluctuations affect both males and females in different ways throughout their lives. Often times, these hormonal changes have an impact on an individual’s quality of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause more hormonal imbalance, and thus they enter a vicious circle that can be detrimental to their health and well-being.

    Having an ideal sleeping environment and smart bedtime routines with a dark room, no screen time before bed and a cool environment can assist with breaking the cycle and keeping hormones in check.

    Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

    You’ll often see fitness idols showing how much they exercise and how well they eat on social media. However, there’s a third component to reaching your fitness goals that often goes unspoken: sleep. Sleep is necessary for keeping your metabolism in check (which relates to the hormonal issues mentioned above) and for giving your body time to heal and your muscles to grow.

    Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds or get stronger and more muscular, getting enough sleep can make all the difference.

    Improved Immunity

    There are a lot of people who seem to be unbreakable, and never get sick when their families are unwell. That is, until, they miss a few hours of shut-eye. There’s a reason your physician tells you to rest when you’re unwell. Like with recovering from workouts, it gives your body the best possible chance to beat your illness.

    If you’re coming into cold and flu season or have children who tend to bring home every germ they come across at school or daycare, it’s time to start getting your sleep routine down pat.

    Better Mental Health

    There is a direct correlation between mental health and the amount of sleep you get at night. It’s been shown that sleep problems are closely associated with anxiety and depression. What’s harder to determine is what comes first. Again, sleep begets sleep, and those with mental health issues often get into a vicious cycle of restlessness and deteriorating mental well-being.

    While a good night’s sleep isn’t a mental health cure-all, it can make the days a little easier for those who struggle with these disorders. It can also help prevent the development of anxiety and depression, which often ties into hormonal imbalances.

    Sleep Tight

    To improve your quality of sleep, start by investing in a high-quality bed and pillows that offer your joints the support they need. Create a sleep routine, unplugging from technology at least an hour before bed and avoiding caffeine in the afternoon. Find a self-care practice – like meditation or reading – to help you unwind before bed. If you’re experiencing difficulties sleeping, talk to your physician for further recommendations.


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