7 Safe Workouts for Seniors to Do

    Did you know the CDC recommends that individuals age 65 and older get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week? Unfortunately, finding safe workouts for seniors is easier said than done.

    Many of the more intense exercises can cause more harm than good. So how do you find moderate workouts that work for you?

    By following this list! We’ve organized a list of safe exercise routines for seniors. That way, you can get in your 150 minutes and start enjoying life. Let’s get started.

    Where Should Seniors Work Out?

    All of the exercises on this list can be performed from the comfort of your own home. However, some seniors may want access to more diverse facilities and exercise machines.

    Gyms and pools are a great place for these individuals Unfortunately, not every senior have access to a gym. If you’re restricted in terms of transportation, then we recommend finding a good assisted living facility.

    Many of these areas have exercise facilities so their residents don’t need to leave. Just make sure to ask if they have an onsite gym before committing to it.

    Seven Safe Workouts for Seniors

    In this section, we’ll walk you through seven workouts that won’t put a strain on your body. Keep in mind that some of these workouts will require objects for you to use. Most of these you will find lying around your home — things like a chair or a broom.

    However, other ones, like knee life, require a weighted medicine ball. If you don’t have a medicine ball, then we recommend investing in one. Otherwise, you can use any weighted object as an alternative.

    1. Wall Push-Ups

    If you’ve got a wall, then you can do this easy strength exercise. Simply stand an arm’s length away from any wall in your home. Make sure that the wall doesn’t have any paintings or other decorations that may fall off.

    Put your hands against the wall at the same level as your shoulders. Keep your feet planted firmly as you gradually lean forward toward the wall.

    Once you reach the wall push off until your arms are straight again. We recommend doing twenty-five wall push-ups in one workout.

    2. Chair Squats

    Chair squats are a great way to build up strength in the lower half of your body. All you need is a spare chair lying around. First, stand in front of the chair with your back facing it. Keep your legs and shoulder-width apart.

    Hold your arms out straight in front of you. This will help with balance. Now, bend your knees and send you hips back into the chair. Once you make contact in a sitting position, stand back up straight.

    When you stand back up, put weight on your heels and lift. Try to avoid using natural momentum to get the full benefit of these hips, butt, and thigh workout. We recommend doing 15 chair squats in one workout.

    3. Raise Your Back Leg

    A back leg raise is another great exercise for toning your glutes and lower back area. For this exercise you will also need a chair or something for balance — a countertop or table also works.

    While standing behind the chair slowly lift your right or left leg backward. Try and make sure that your toes aren’t pointed and your knees aren’t bent.

    Hold that leg position for roughly one second, and then gently bring the leg back down. We recommend doing this 15 times on both legs.

    4. Toe Lifts

    Toe lifts are a great exercise for seniors who want to improve both their strength and balance. Find a countertop or table to steady yourself. Then, stand as straight as possible and put your arms in front of you so they’re resting on the table.

    Gradually push up until you’re standing on the tips of your toes. Go as high as you can. Then, slowly lower yourself back down. If you can, try not to rely too much on the table or counter for balance. We recommend doing this exercise twenty times.

    5. Clock Reaches

    Clock reaches are a great way to work out both your arm and leg muscles. You will need a chair for this exercise. First, picture a clock that you’re standing in the center of. Directly in front of you is twelve o’clock and behind you is six o’clock.

    Hold the chair with your non-dominant hand. Then, raise your dominant hand and leg so that they’re extended toward twelve o’clock. Once your arm is extended, move position so it faces three o’clock.

    Continue this until you reach six o’clock. Then retrace your steps back to three and twelve o’clock. You should be looking straight forward the entire time you do this exercise. We recommend doing this exercise two times on both sides.

    6. Marching in Place

    This simple exercise is easy to do indoors while you watch television or listen to the radio. While standing up straight, raise your dominant leg as high as it will go.

    Then, lower it and repeat the action with your left leg. If you need to, use a table or chair for balancing. Repeat this motion thirty times.

    7. Balancing Wand

    The balancing wand is a great workout for improving hand-eye balance. For this exercise, you will need a type of stick. A cane, umbrella, or broom will all work nicely. First, sit down in a chair.

    Then press the bottom of the stick into the palm of your hand. Then try and keep the stick upright for as long as you can.

    Make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings. If you use a broom make sure it doesn’t knock anything down when it falls. Do this for five to ten minutes. Switch hands halfway through to work out both sides of your body.

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