7 Often-Overlooked Costs to Include When Planning a Wedding

    Planning a wedding, whether big or small, is typically, an extensive project with tons of little details to work out. And, one of the vital tasks is to factor in the small and major expenses. Even so, you may find that various costs come up that you may not have planned for in the initial stages. These add-ons not only create last-minute confusion, but can also skew your budget. The best you can do is welcome tips from family and friends and preferably, set aside an amount for emergency situations.

    Read ahead for a quick overview of some of the costs that many brides tend to overlook. Having prepared for them, you might save on some of the stress and enjoy the wedding like you should.

    1 – Make Arrangements for the Wedding Dress

    Even as you’re hunting around for the most special dress to wear for the event, you also need to think about wedding dress preservation. Depending on the fabric, embellishments, accessories, and various other factors, these costs can range from $250 to $1,000. When planning a wedding, contact a reputable company and talk to the consultants about the cleaning and storage options they have for you. Most agencies offer you a complete kit that contains everything you may need to pack the precious gown and dispatch it right after you take it off. Considering that you may not have the time to deal with the task, it is best that you request a close relative to take care of it for you.

    2 – Factor in the Need for Final Alterations

    While you’ll have the wedding dress delivered well ahead of time, keep in mind that you should try it on again a day before just in case you need minor (or, well, major) alterations. Most couture boutiques offer to make changes for you and include it in the final cost. But, in case they don’t, when planning a wedding, you may want to put aside a few hundred dollars to cover that added expense. For instance, adding an extra accessory, taking out or tucking in a few loose millimeters, or fixing the hem just a little.

    3 – Paying Tips and Gratuities to the People Who Help You

    Tips and gratuities are not absolutely needed, but it is a nice gesture to show your appreciation to the people who go the extra mile to make your day perfect. Like this feature on Brides outlines, these personnel can include servers, hair stylists and makeup team, bartenders and cake deliverymen, attendants and ushers, the person performing the ceremony, and the wedding planner, if you have one. The band, photographers, and videographers are some of the other people you could forget. When planning a wedding, expect to pay between 18% and 22% of the final bill amount in tips. Prepare envelopes with the cash in them though you can also pay by check. Hand over the package to whoever will be helping you clear the bills at the end of the event.

    4 – Organize Transportation

    Check out this article on SouthernLiving that reminds you to work out the transportation costs when planning a wedding like, say, from the reception to the airport or any other destination you’ve planned. Given that you’ll be dressed in formal attire, you won’t want to ride in a cab. On the subject of cab fares, it is wise to add in unexpected arrangements like, for instance, to bring guests visiting from out of town to their hotel rooms or for relatives who’ve had too much to drink or are feeling unwell.

    5 – Factor in Possible Overtime Expenses

    Many weddings run longer than the expected time with all that dancing, drinking, and celebrating. Or, the event may be delayed because of say, sudden weather changes. If that happens, you may have to ask vendors to remain for a longer while. At the time of booking the services of bartenders, DJs, caterers, band, or any others, talk to them about such possible delays and ask about the charges you can expect. Accordingly, make sure to add the overtime costs in your budget for the wedding.

    6 – Count the Attendees When Ordering the Caterers

    Organizing the food for the event can be a tricky aspect of planning a wedding as Alex Reardon warns on the WeddingWire. To begin with, make sure to count you and your future spouse in the final guest list. The vendors who offer you services may also request meals in their contracts. So, make sure to co-ordinate with your caterer when adding up the head count. Aside from dinner, you’ll also need to arrange for breakfast and snacks to serve your immediate family and friends on the wedding day. Keep in mind that amidst helping you to with the wedding preparations, they may not have the time to eat. Most important, know that many guests who have responded with a negative RSVP may show up eventually. Planning for them is a smart move.

    7 – Emergency Expenses No One Thought Of

    Despite the best of planning you do, there are easily hundreds of things that can go wrong at the wedding just as the folks at HuffPost warn and it is best that you have funds set aside to deal with them. Let’s begin with light rain out of the blue during an outdoors ceremony, unforeseen wardrobe issues (not just your own), makeup going wrong or hair refusing to behave, a medical emergency, decorations not turning out the way you expected, or even, last-minute invitees you can’t believe you actually forgot.

    When you’re planning the most special day of your life, missing out small all-important details is more common than you think. If you’re faced with unexpected problems, simply stay calm and take it in your stride. Most brides have been in that place and there will be incidences that you think are taking away from an otherwise perfect day. Get your close friends to deal with them and just focus on the beginning of a new life ahead!


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