The Roundup: 9 Different Companies That Are Showing Their Love for ‘Game of Thrones’

    Considering how much of Game of Thrones deals with competition, it only seems fitting that this hit television series can hold its own when it comes to winning awards and viewers. The show dropped jaws by being nominated for almost 600 different awards and winning over 300 for its excellent actors, writing, cinematography, and more.

    The series won over hearts and minds of people across the country, and now, it’s a major cornerstone of pop culture as we know it. Other TV shows have spoofed it, people are now snapping up George R. R. Martin’s books because of it, and now, even advertising campaigns are featuring it in their work.

    Yes, it’s true. Companies are really, truly in love with Game of Thrones. They like it so much, they’re actually using the series in their marketing campaigns. Don’t believe it, check out how these large (and small) companies showed their love for the hit series.

    Pepsi’s “Can Has No Name.”

    In past years, PepsiCo gained a little notoriety for their print ads featuring “Game of Straws” artwork and their on-air commercials featuring references to the show. Now that Game of Thrones is coming to a close, it seems like the giant megacorporation decided to celebrate with a special edition Mountain Dew can.


    The can has no name on it, and is appropriately nicknamed “Can Has No Name.” When chilled, the can reveals a kill list. Getting your hands on this limited edition can isn’t easy. To get your hands on this ultra-exclusive can, you have to post what you would do #ForTheThrone on Twitter.

    From there, Mountain Dew’s “Masters of the Coin” will lead you to vending machines where you can get your hands on one of these exclusive babies. Epic, right?

    HBO’s Six Thrones

    HBO isn’t just another company; it’s the company that airs Game of Thrones. Unsurprisingly, they showed their love for their most successful show in one of the most viral campaigns in recent history.

    The company made international news headlines after executives hid six real-life thrones around the world, then asked superfans to find them all. The internet went crazy searching for them, and the entire contest only took a matter of weeks before all six thrones were found.


    Bud Light’s Super Bowl Ad

    A little earlier in the year, Budweiser decided to team up with expert marketers to create a specialty commercial for the Super Bowl featuring Game of Thrones characters. In it, Gregor Clegane battles the Budweiser “Bud Knight” for a chance at victory.

    The Mountain himself went head-to-head with the knight, all while poking fun at the infamous eye-gouging scene that made so many of us wince when it aired. You get to see the knight fall off Dilly Dilly once more, but thankfully, this time around, viewers were spared the gore.


    Hulu’s “Binge the Game” Contest

    Another company that decided to tip their hat to Game of Thrones was (unsurprisingly) Hulu. They released the Binge the Game contest in February of this year, which was open to anyone who subscribed to HBO via Hulu. Users had to register to binge Game of Thrones, then watch as many episodes as possible during a short period of time.

    The contest’s grand prize involved a trip for two to Croatia. Runners up got free Hulu. Not too shabby, if you ask me.


    Omaze’s Premier Sweepstakes

    Omaze might not be as major a name as Budweiser or Pepsi, but that hasn’t stopped this fundraising platform from joining in the Game of Thrones contest craze. The company recently unveiled a contest that would allow a grand prize winner to attend the Game of Thrones premier with Emilia Clarke, and even share a celebratory toast with her.

    To enter, you will need to make a donation on the Omaze website to a fundraiser of your choice. Every $10 donation will result in another chance to win the grand prize. Go ahead, you know you want to do it #ForTheThrone.

    Check out the link here:

    Gotham Plastic Surgery’s “Wrinkles Are Coming” Contest

    Believe it or not, the total pandemonium caused by the last season of Game of Thrones reached more industries than you ever thought it would. Dr. Philip J. Miller, of Gotham Plastic Surgery, decided to kick off his own promotion themed around the series finale.

    To gain entry into this contest, you will need to tag three friends on Gotham Plastic Surgery’s social media with instructions to like and follow the account. Then, you will need to correctly guess who will win the Iron Throne. If you guess correctly, you get a chance to win free Botox for an entire year.

    Liquor Barn’s Game of Thrones Malt Contest

    Another small company that’s been doing it up with Game of Thrones goodies is Liquor Barn. As superfans might already know, there currently is a sold-out series of single malt scotch whiskeys based on the smash hit fantasy series. They’re serious collectors’ items.

    Liquor Barn was smart and saved the complete series. As a way to celebrate the upcoming finale, they are raffling a chance to buy off the entire set. For a serious collector, this is kind of a big deal.



    AT&T’s Iron Throne Raffle

    Believe it or not, even big telecom companies are starting to get in on the deal. AT&T recently acquired Time Warner, which means that they (kinda sorta) own rights to Game of Thrones through a subsidiary. To celebrate their merger and the final season of the show, they decided to raffle off a replica of the Iron Throne used in the series.

    The Iron Throne clocks in at over 300 pounds, and is worth a whopping $18,000. The company is offering a shot at winning the fantasy furniture on their official website.


    KMCQ’s Game of Thrones Deadpool

    No, no, not the superhero.

    A deadpool is a betting game that’s based on who dies. A local classic rock station by the name of 96.7 KMCQ showed love to Game of Thrones by creating a weekly deadpool where listeners get to bet on who lives and who dies in the show.

    Considering how bloody Game of Thrones get, this contest is guaranteed to heat up as the finale approaches. It’s an interesting way to get people talking, that’s for sure.

    Check out the contest here:

    New Theory is not affiliated with Game of Thrones, but would love to hear your comments about these progressive contests.


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