7 Amazing Tips on How to Organize Your Clothes

    As time goes on, fashion evolves, many new styles are introduced, and some old styles even come back, and this cycle of coming and going makes it hard to choose which clothes to let go or to keep. One never knows when an old trend becomes popular again, so you’re probably tempted to hoard as many items as you can just so you won’t need to spend again. Maybe you get nostalgic too, and the item’s sentimental value is holding you back from decluttering your closet.

    While all these reasons are legitimate, you have to acknowledge that a closet that’s about to burst from the pile of clothing, trinkets, and other accessories is also not a pretty sight. After all, a clean space does help the mind relax. If you’re still having trouble deciding how to do your wardrobe purge, consider the suggestions below.

    Keep Something You Frequently or Definitely Wear

    Many times, the clothes bought on impulse end up at the back of your closet. What seemed like a good deal during the mall’s sale may, upon further contemplation, prove to be unsuitable for you in terms of what you like or what goes well with the rest of your clothes. In such cases, do away with clothes you’ve only used once or are not too confident wearing again.

    Keep Clothes That Are Still Fashionable and Flattering on You

    What fashionable means here is not just about being trendy but also about your clothes remaining in good condition. As your body changes throughout life, whether you get slimmer or rounder, your clothes may stretch, making them loose. Repeated washing and poor handling of clothes when you’re doing your laundry may also cause the clothes’ colors to fade and the material to wear out, making your clothes look old and shabby. Keep the items that accentuate your assets or make you feel confident when you wear them.

    Match the Current Season

    Seasons also dictate the kind of clothes you wear. The clothes in stores will always be sold according to the current season, so buy season-appropriate clothing. Keep clothes that you can wear in different seasons as well.

    Keep Key Pieces

    For those who embrace the minimalist lifestyle or enjoy a modest wardrobe, you can select clothes that can be easily paired with other items. Leave room for some clothing staples, such as your little black dress (LBD), basic white button-down blouse, and denim jacket, so you’ll have something ready for any occasion, whether you’re planning to dress up or dress down.

    Donate or Sell Extra Clothes

    After choosing clothes you will keep, there will also be piles of fashionable clothes you won’t need anymore. Instead of throwing them out or putting them away in storage, you can either donate them or sell them online to earn some cash. Do remember to donate clothes that are in good condition and to wash them before you give them away. Don’t give away evening gowns when you know that shelter and other charitable institutions accept items that can be worn for daily use.

    Throw Out or Recycle Damaged Clothes

    You may keep some of these worn-out items so you can wear them at home as loungewear, but clothes that are damaged beyond repair or restoration may be repurposed as rags for cleaning. Otherwise, you can donate them to recycling facilities, where these clothes can be broken down into their most basic components and given a new life as fibers for new clothes. This way, you help reduce the amount of waste produced yearly, as overflowing landfills are a problem everywhere.

    Keep Calm, and Sort Your Clothes

    When you know which items to keep, you won’t be intimidated by a mountain of clothes begging for your attention. Consider what your priorities and needs are, and from there, it will be easier for you to eliminate the clutter in your closet.


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