7 Important Questions to Ask a Boat Charter Company

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    The idea of chartering a boat for your relaxing holiday or exciting lux party is amazing, but the reality of choosing a yacht is a little more bothersome. There are many types and sizes of yachts and each one offers a different experience. So if you want to ensure all your needs and wishes are met, here are the questions you must ask your boat charter company. 

    How many people can you accommodate?

    Naturally, if you want to sail in search of some alone time and if you want to rent a boat for a birthday party, you’ll require two completely different services. So, before you choose your boat, count all the people coming on board. According to experienced sailors, it’s best to go up a size if you’re unsure. While a boat that’s too big will make everyone feel a little lonely and awkward, a boat that’s too small will be unsafe which is unacceptable.  

    Motor or sailing?

    There are two main types of yachts: motor and sailing yachts. The motor-powered option is more popular because sailing requires a lot of work and expertise. However, if you love peace and quiet of a sailing boat, it is definitely something you should consider. 

    What can the boat be used for?

    Why should someone care why you want to rent a boat? Well, this information is very useful when renting, because it can help you choose the right type of crew and yacht model. There are two types of boats when it comes to staff: bareboat and skippered. Bareboat yachts are perfect for people looking for solitude or private time with your family since you’ll be in full operation of the boat at all times. On the other hand, skippered yachts come with a crew with several staff options to choose from. You can bring only the captain with you, or you can pack your boat with all sorts of crew members. A full-crew option is great for parties and events that require your full attention and have a very high-class feel. 

    Who’s in the crew?

    Now you understand that yachts come with different options for crews, so if you choose to travel with help, here’s what you should know: 

    If you have a big, formal event on your hands, it’s best to go all out on the crew. Experienced staff will help with food, drinks, entertainment and cleaning and you won’t have to do anything. The more guests you have, the bigger your boat will be which means you’ll need more crew members. On the other hand, a simple vacation with your partner of your family in a small yacht will only require a few crewmen. 


    Where can you take the boat?

    Do you have a special destination in mind when going on your yachting trip? How far will you need to sail before you reach your docking point? How much time will you need to come back from your destination? These are all some of the most crucial questions to consult with your experienced yacht charter broker about and gain useful information. Depending on their advice, you will know just how big your chartered boat needs to be and how long will you need to rent it for. Pros care about their clients and always know best when it comes to these things. 

    Is there service and internet connection?

    How can you stay in contact with the land? Can you go online while you’re boating? These are some of the most FAQ charter companies get. The answer is simple and satisfactory to most people. If you’re thinking of exploring open waters and venturing away from cellphone service, you’ll most likely have a satellite phone on board. However, if you just want to host a boat party or sail near the shore, you’ll probably have your normal cell service. 

    Additionally, some older phones and some phone companies still use GSM service which might be able to provide you with better coverage. But, still, your satellite phone is your safest bet, so feel free to give this number to your family members, friends and business partners. When it comes to the internet connection, don’t expect anything special. Some yachts provide this service, but the connection is usually not the best. 

    What should you pack?

    If you don’t have any previous experience or if you’re boating in a new part of the world, make sure you pack well. If you’re preparing for a big event, your crew will handle most things. Still, don’t forget to pack your bathing suit, cover-ups, sunblock, bug spray and some casual clothing for the day after. Sunglasses, hats and a raincoat might all come in handy on board. If you’re prone to seasickness or if you’re having some guests around who are not used to boats, some nausea medication will come in handy. 

    Once you go over these questions with your charter broker, you’ll know just what kind of yacht you need for the ultimate boating experience. Whatever you choose, luxury and comfort are guaranteed! 


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