7 Awesome Gifts For A Professional Gambler

    We all have a friend who loves to bury themselves in a hand of cards or an app playing video slots. Now that Christmas is approaching, you may just be wondering what to buy them as a gift. It can be very difficult to choose gifts for your friends that they don’t already have, and it can be even harder if you don’t know anything about the world of gambling yourself. 

    Luckily, we’ve had a good look around and found some of the very best gifts out there that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Here’s 7 awesome gifts for a professional gambler.

    Mini slot machine stress toy

    It’s pretty hard to find any gambler who doesn’t love a quick spin of slot reels every now and again- after all, it’s fun, cheap, and much less brain-boiling than late-night poker. Now, you can bring all the lights and bells of a regular machine to your friends’ homes in miniature style. This Mini Slot Machine Stress Toy from Walmart allows the user to pull the lever and test their luck whenever they’re having a hard day at the office for a little distraction from the outside world.

    Sometimes, it’s more about the thought than the money spent, and this gift is perfect for anyone on a budget who wants to buy something a little more personal than a scented candle or fluffy toy. 

    Handmade dice set

    While your friend won’t be able to use these at the casino, a set of handmade dice is perfect for anyone who loves hosting their own game nights. There’s a whole host of different styles available to choose from on Etsy, but we particularly love this set from Warhammer. Each dice is made to order so can be created with your very own design, and are super lightweight to make for excellent, fair play. While you may be looking to buy from the big sellers this Christmas, it’s definitely worth checking out some smaller businesses near you first – the products are often made better and sell much cheaper!

    Poker chips

    Absolutely every gambler should have a set of poker chips in their collection – they’re a staple after all, right? Private poker games between friends often make for the very best fun, and we’ve found the best poker chip contenders for 2019 right here. The very best chips should feel authentic, be heavy (11.5 grams or higher) and be designed with the standard red, green, blue, black, and white coloring. We love the Smilejoy set we found on Gambler Daily Digest’s list of the best poker chip sets– each chip is high quality but the set is a little smaller- perfect for anyone just starting out with poker or gift-givers buying on a budget. 

    Of the 200 chips, 75 are white, 50 are red, 25 are blue, 25 are green, and 25 are black. None of the chips are labeled, so they work well in both high and low stake games.


    While we spent a (very) long time looking for the best poker chips and dice out there, sometimes, the obvious is overlooked. Buying scratchcards for your friends is a cheap and easy way to gift them the chance of getting rich quick. While you may only have to head to the store to buy them, they’re sure to spark a little excitement upon opening. You could combine the cards with another small gift, or even place a bet for them too on their favorite sport- anything which adds to the fun is guaranteed to be a winner. Having said this, you should probably prepare yourself for if your friends win big on your gift!

    Lucky casino shirt

    It may not meet the dress code requirements of the very best casinos out there, but this lucky gambling shirt from Spreadshirt is really quirky and fun. Printed with the words ‘lucky casino shirt, do not wash’, this tee which comes in a whole host of colors is bound to become a wardrobe favorite. We all know someone who feels the power of a ‘lucky shirt’, so why not help increase their chances of winning a little more with another? If you want to purchase something other than a standard tee, this print is also available on hoodies and baseball tees. Plus, every purchase from Spreadshirt supports independent designers across the world.

    Personalized playing cards

    We’re playing the custom-made card again, quite literally this time, with a pack of personalized cards from Make Playing Cards. With this site, there’s hundreds of fun designs ready at your fingertips with just a few clicks. Simply choose a template, size, and finish, add your design, and get your cards posted to anywhere in less than a week. Make Playing Cards will let you drag and drop pretty much any image onto your cards, so you can get creative and have some real fun here! The company caters to a wide customer base, too, so you know your purchase will be of the very highest quality. You may want to send the pack to yourself to wrap, but it can be just as fun for your friends to receive unexpected parcels through their own doors.

    Book a weekend away

    If you’d like to splash out on your friends a little more this year, then you could choose to book a weekend away with them at their favorite hotel-casino to make the very best memories. Some venues offer gift vouchers for friends to spend during their next visit, but if you wanna push the boat out, visit the website of their most-visited casino and book a hotel stay. If you’re not someone who likes to gamble, don’t worry – there’s plenty of fun in just watching, taking a spin on the penny slots, or visiting the many other attractions on-site. If an entire package is out of your budget, consider booking a casino show – they’re usually great and you’ll be able to spend an hour or two in the casino afterward.


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