6 Health Benefits Of Surfing You Need To Know

    Every sport has a number of health benefits, but surfing is by far one of the best. Not only does it work the whole body, but it helps to improve heart rate and maintain a healthy weight throughout the course of the year. So before you grab your wetsuits and head to the nearest beach we have compiled a list of 6 of the health benefits that you will gain from surfing regularly. 

    Improves Cardiovascular Fitness 

    One of the biggest health benefits of surfing is the increase in cardiovascular fitness that you gain from paddling out to every wave. Though this will take a number of sessions to help you really feel the burn, this is a long term benefit as stamina improves dramatically allowing you to enjoy an all-round healthier lifestyle with increased benefits in the long term all whilst improving your surfing skills. 

    Helps To Strengthen Back And Shoulders 

    With a number of repetitive moments made when surfing, this not only helps to strengthen the shoulders, but it also helps to strengthen the back and shoulders. In addition to this, the repeated moment, as well as the repeated motion of standing on the board, can help to strengthen the core over time helping to increase balance as a result. This is not only beneficial to those that are practising the sport, but it is also better for every aspect of life as balance can help you with a number of tasks as well as improve posture over time. 

    Aids In Maintaining A Healthy Weight 

    Due to the range of motion involved in the sport, it not only helps to strengthen muscles, but it helps to burn calories. This not only helps to strengthen the muscles on the back and legs, but it helps to burn any excess calories allowing you to maintain a healthy weight at all times. Whether you are someone who loves to surf all year round, or you just love to surf in the summer, this can help you to maintain a healthy weight without having to hit the gym. This allows you to stick to your regular routine, without having to reduce the number of calories that you are eating. 

    Improves Quality of Sleep 

    Another health benefit that can help you in the long term is the increased quality of sleep that you will receive. This is important for cell regeneration as well as recovery and memory as you are healing as you sleep. Though it can take time to get into a healthy sleeping pattern, sports can help to wear out the body and encourage you to sleep in much earlier. With a regimented sleeping pattern, you will then begin to notice a positive change in mood as well as an increase in the amount of energy that you have each day. 

    Aids Core Strength 

    Core strength is surprisingly helpful in everyday life as it can help with balance and overall posture making this one of the most helpful benefits to surfing. This is great for overall posture and can help to prevent injury when lifting heavy items thus helping to improve overall health for a prolonged period.

    Boost Immune System 

    The final way that surfing can benefit your health is through the boost to the immune system. With cool water and repeated exercise helping to boost the immune system, this can help to prevent colds and other illnesses on a daily basis. 

    Whether you are looking to start surfing in the new year or you are looking to continue trying your hand at the sport in the new year, you can be sure you are getting the best of all the health benefits.


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