6 Exciting and Handsome F*ckboy Haircuts

    F*ckboy haircuts have earned their place in men’s hairstyles, and they continue to grace most men’s heads. As the best blend of classic, clean and trendy, f*ckboy hair exist in various lengths and looks great in varying hair types. Also called “f*ckboy” or “f boy” these haircuts exist in short, medium and long forms.

    With myriad ways of styling a f*ckboy hair, it is essential to select a beautiful look that compliments your looks. Between the comb-over, quiff, slick back, undercut, pompadour and taper fade, we will highlight the trendiest and cute f*ckboy haircuts you should try. Take a look.

    • Undercut Hairstyle

    This is one of the popular f*ckboy haircuts for most men. Instead of blending the fade, the men’s undercut is trimmed one length at the sides, and the back still maintains the medium to elongated hair at the top. The undercut hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair but looks great specifically for men with straight or thick hair-however you can tailor it to suit wavy, textured and curly hair types.

    • Comb Over

    This is an excellent standard haircut for men, and perhaps a classic f*ckboy look. Though it was traditionally linked with balding guys trying to cover their diminishing hair, the new comb-over cuts are one of the preferred haircuts nowadays. The comb-over fade styles give a variety of both short and long variations that men can experiment with.

    For instance, you can style it in a myriad of ways such as textured and shiny finish. For the standard comb-over, opt for strong-hold, glittery pomade. Nevertheless, we advise that you apply matte pomade or shine wax to come up with a more natural style.

    • Quiff Hairstyle

    The quiff haircut is a casual, voluminous and sensual-the best fuck boy haircut. The contemporary textured quiff hairstyle is a very common style among young men.

    To achieve this style, leave 3-6 inches at the top and then apply cream, wax or clay styling product while the hair is damp. Comb it and then follow with a blow dry. This gives a lift up to the hair and creates a long-lasting depth.

    Though the entire process needs some maintenance, the results are both chic, natural and sexy. If you have thick hair, you should consider this style since ladies adore it.

    • Fade Haircuts

    The fade hairstyles remain one of the most common hairstyles for men.  The taper fade is achieved by blending the hair and trimming it shorter down, the sides and at the back. The contrast at the sides is creating by using clippers of different sizes. And since the fade haircuts are highly versatile, they look great on a variety of men’s haircuts, textures, and cuts.

    However, if you want to rock a fade, you have to go for either the low, medium or high fade. Each style has a different level where the tapering process begins. Besides, you can also choose between bald fade and taper fade. This determines how gradual the shortening process happens.

    Under this category, some of the best variations you can opt for include slicked back, comb-over and disconnected undercut. You can opt for a long top and short side men’s trends to style cool haircuts such as a faux hawk, textured crop and pompadour.

    • Slicked Back Hair

    Slicked back haircuts show the bad boy side while still maintaining the bright and charming style. This haircut is effortless to style and easy to maintain-just use a strong pomade on your hair and backcomb it straight.

    Men can opt for an undercut or a fade to come up with fresh short sides and a long top. The improved volume and length on top imply that guys can still rock the comb-over or the quiff.

    • Faux Hawk Haircut

    The faux hawk also called the fahawk, is a less magical and more versatile variation of Mohawk haircut. Complemented with shaved sides, burst fade and taper fade, the top hair is spiked and brushed. You can brush it in your desired way. You can also choose how narrow or wide you want to style the hawk at the centre.

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