Easy Bedroom Design Hacks for Better Sleep

    The benefits of having a good night’s sleep are fairly self-evident: quality rest makes you feel splendid for the entire day! However, the minutia behind this effect is more complicated than it might initially seem. There are multiple sensitive factors that contribute to the quality and length of your sleep, and even if the single one is thrown out of balance, the cascading escalation of consequences can be dire. Thankfully, we live in day and age when “hacks” for a variety of lifestyle areas have been discovered and dissected through the power of science. Therefore, if you are looking for some basic bedroom design hacks for better sleep, just keep on reading!

    Keep the light out

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    One of the most common mistakes people of the 21st century make when it comes to bedroom design is the lack of proper curtains. Light pollution has engulfed the world and we rarely do anything to counteract it, especially in our homes. For quality sleep, body requires complete darkness. After all, the scientific consensus has concluded a long time ago that your body’s natural circadian rhythm relies on light-dark cycle.

    In other words, the presence or lack of light in your bedroom will definitely affect your sleep. The first bedroom design hack on your list should be to purchase thick curtains that can paint your bedroom black once the sun goes down. Your body will show immense gratitude for this tweak as soon as the following morning.

    The comfort on your back

    Of course, the bedrock of quality sleeping is the unhindered position of your body. Many of us toss and turn throughout the night, so the concern of bedroom design should unequivocally be focused on the bedding. In this regard, it is all about the “art” of purchasing the mattress and bed sheets. Memory foam mattress is a good choice because it will bend and morph according to the natural position of your body during sleep, which means that your spinal column will have the necessary rest.

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    In addition, high quality sheets and quilt covers on top of the mattress play an equally important role and they can even add a sense of lavishness to the proceedings, should you choose right. There is hardly anything more luxurious than soft bed linens weaved out of natural materials. 100% cotton sheets have this hard to define textural quality that cannot be matched by anything else. In addition, cotton is more breathable than synthetic counterparts, which are known to trap warmth that radiates from your skin. Keeping your body temperature optimal during sleep is a deciding factor for thorough rest.

    Turn it green

    Nature has produced the best inventions. While man made air filters will get the job done, they cannot quite replicate the opulent aesthetic appeal of plant life. Fill your bedroom with pots and you will understand why the little sprouts are irreplaceable bedroom design items.

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    Breathable plants purify the air and some of them are even quite “proficient” at expunging toxins from the room. If you place them in appropriately stylish pots, they will look as charming as ever and lift your mood before you close your eyes.One of the best features of air-purifying plant life is that you don’t need a green thumb. You can easily search specific lists of indoor plants that can pretty much survive anything, so turning your bedroom green doesn’t mean you have to commit to an additional chore.  

    Keep it simple

    Always keep your bedroom de-cluttered and aesthetically simple. Visually busy space filled with paraphernalia can cause anxiety, which is ultimately detrimental to sleep. Furthermore, try to keep the colors and patterns on your bedroom walls equally straightforward. Vibrant colors are fun, but you’ll want to apply uniformly soothing nuance to your sleeping area. Muted pastels, especially blues, yellows and greens should do the trick.

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    Rest intervals are a cornerstone of complex organisms, but the effect of good respite goes far beyond that. Quality sleep has undeniable benefits for your mental state and physical integrity of your body. It improves your cardiovascular health, your hormonal balance and it has a profound effect on your weight loss and muscle gain, if you are in training. After all, the old Irish Proverb says it quite plainly: A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.


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