5 Ways to Practice an Antisocial Lifestyle

    Some people love having a big family and lots of friends. They seem to always have lots to talk about, and their natural magnetism and charisma come shining through. However, there are also plenty of people who are just the opposite. They like nothing better than when everyone leaves them alone.

    If you’re an antisocial individual, you should know there is nothing necessarily wrong with that. You might like your own company best, and that’s the optimal way you can manage your anxiety. These sorts of people are pretty common. There are plenty of ways you can live your life where you don’t need to participate in too many face-to-face interactions.

    Let’s talk about some ways you can be the antisocial individual you’ve always wanted to be.

    You Can Work from Home

    If you do work from home, you can definitely avoid the daily commute. That’s something that many people like to do if they’re not the most confident drivers.

    If you don’t drive any sort of vehicle and remain at home most of the time, you can avoid high-speed accidents and injuries. Motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely to die in a collision than car drivers, but even a car won’t necessarily protect you in a multiple-vehicle pileup.

    If you work from home, you avoid driving perils, but you also don’t have to see anyone in person on a typical day. You might communicate with your boss and coworkers, but you will probably do so via emails, Skype sessions, etc.

    Of course, you can only follow this business model if you have a suitable skill set and land the proper job. You might look into telemarketing, social media management or consulting, certain kinds of IT work, and more.

    You Can Stay Off Social Media

    Social media is anathema to the antisocial individual. Dozens of social media platforms exist, from Facebook to Snapchat, from Twitter to TikTok. They attract different generations and various business entities as well.

    People and companies use social media to connect with the wider world, but as an introvert or antisocial person, that might be just what you’re attempting to avoid. If you’re trying to keep from communicating with anyone any more than you have to, avoiding social media and never creating a profile for yourself on any platform is a wise idea.


    Don’t feel like you have to use social media because most people you know are doing it. Keeping away from that whole scene is one way that introverts can feel better about their daily existence.

    You Can Move to a More Rural Area

    You might feel like living in a big city is too much for you. Even if you stay off social media and work from home, maybe you have to live in an apartment with roommates.

    Perhaps, even if you live alone, you can’t help but acknowledge how many other people live in your same building, in the other apartments. You can hear them to the sides of you, above you, or below you, moving around, coughing or sneezing, arguing, watching TV, and so forth.

    If you leave the city and move to a rural area, you might be able to afford your own place where you couldn’t manage that in a more expensive environment. Rural living is usually much more affordable than big city living, and that could be the way to keep the people you don’t like at arm’s length.

    You can find a single apartment or house for rent, and you can enjoy nothing but quiet and relaxation both day and night. You won’t hear the constant noise of sirens or cars driving past to remind you of the 

    human beings surrounding you.

    This plan goes nicely with working from home. Just make sure you don’t move somewhere so remote that you can’t get a decent Wi-Fi signal, or you might find supporting yourself difficult.

    Move Somewhere You Have No Relatives

    Maybe you’re successful at keeping most people out of your life, like your coworkers, but what about family members? Perhaps you want to avoid your family more than just about any other human beings walking the planet.

    You can move away from everyone who you know. If you realize that most of your family lives in a particular city or part of the country, make sure to move deliberately out of that area. That way, your family will have to come out of their way to see you, and they will probably leave you in peace most of the time.

    At the very least, even if they come to see you, they’ll give you plenty of advance notice. That way, you can mentally prepare yourself beforehand if you can no longer avoid a visit.

    Make No Effort to Date

    Many introverts also want to avoid relationships. You might feel like you’ll be ready to try dating at some juncture, but you’re not there right now.

    The best way to stay single is to try to convey your unavailability to people. If anyone asks you out, you can decline, but you’ll also find that avoiding social media is a great way to keep living the single life. In the past, many individuals would meet a potential significant other at work or school, but now, social media is where many relationships start.

    If someone like a family member sees that you’re single and tries to set you up with someone, you can politely but firmly decline. Hopefully, if you impress upon them how much you like being on your own, they will stop trying after a while. Nothing’s more annoying than a family member who loves playing matchmaker.

    You might not feel antisocial or introverted forever. A time may come when you’re ready to have more people in your life. You might decide eventually to spend more time with family members, and you may attempt to make more friends. For now, there’s nothing at all wrong with living a little apart from society.


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