5 Ways to Improve Writing That Can Boost Your Business and Personal Life

    Does your writer’s block feel less like a wall and more like an insurmountable mountain?

    Studies show that more than 80% of Americans would like to be an author. Maybe you’re looking to join the New York Times Best Sellers List. Or, perhaps you want to get more proficient at composing emails at work.

    Regardless, there are myriad ways to improve writing. If you’re ready to get more proficient with this skill set, read on. Today we’re sharing our top five approaches.

    Ready to learn more? Pick up that pencil and let’s get started.

    1. Write More Often

    You can’t hone a talent if you only work on it a few times out of the year.

    Put simply, to have strong writing skills, you’ll have to write more often. You don’t have to crank out research papers every day, but strive to put your thoughts down on paper (or the screen) at least a few times a week.

    After a while, you can look back and see how much your writing has improved. 

    2. Keep a Journal

    Need a simple way to dip your toes into writing more often? Start by keeping a journal. This can be an old-fashioned notebook or an online blog

    Regardless, strive to write in it every day, even if it’s a few sentences. You’ll get into the practice of setting aside time for this purpose and writing will become a more natural part of your life.

    3. Compete a Writing Challenge

    As humans, we’re competitive by nature. Why not leverage this spirit to propel your writing to new heights?

    You can do so by competing in a writing challenge. These are events wherein you’ll be encouraged to write a set number of words and track your progress along the way.

    One of the most well-known events of this kind is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. Held every year from November 1 to November 30, this creative writing project tasks participants with writing a 50,000-word manuscript in one month!

    4. Employ Online Resources

    You may have no problem expressing yourself through the written word. Yet, when you go back to edit, you notice your spelling and grammar are all over the place.

    If so, there are free digital tools that can help.

    Hemmingway Editor, for instance, checks your work for excessive adverbs, passive voice and sentences that are too complex. You can also install Grammarly to double-check your work for spelling and grammar issues, as well as plagiarism. 

    While you’re browsing the web, you may also find it helpful to review some online writing sample examples to jumpstart your creativity!

    5. Designate a “Writing Zone”

    You may not do your best work in the middle of the living room, sitting on the couch in your pajamas. Or, this may be where you love to write. 

    Find a spot that gets your writing juices flowing and allows you to focus. For some, this might be a coffee shop. For others, it might be the local public library.

    Secure a spot that inspires you and you’ll be that much more motivated to return to it time and again. 

    Find More Ways to Improve Writing

    Writing is a personal effort. This is true whether you’re writing a memoir or a memo. 

    That means it requires self-motivation and a determination to keep at it, even when words are at a scarcity. 

    Still looking for ways to improve writing? You’ve come to the right place.

    We bring you the business and lifestyle news you need to excel at work and home. Looking to take your love of writing to the next level? Check out our post on the easiest way to start an e-book store!


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