Can Food Allergies Present Themselves In The Form Of Sinusitis?

    Sneezing and coughing is always an indication that your body is going through some kind of illness or attack. While there are instances in which the cause of sneezing and coughing is apparent, there are instances in which they can seem to come completely out of the blue. In these instances where an individual is not going through some kind of illness, there is a possibility that they are actually experiencing an allergic reaction.

    An allergic reaction is something that can affect you anywhere and at any time. The characteristic of an allergy is that there is always something that the body is not responding well too (the allergen), thereby inducing a reaction in the body. Children as young as three can start to experience allergic reaction symptoms, and triggers can vary depending on countless factors affecting the body.

    Allergies And Chronic Sinusitis

    One of the more common ways in which allergic reactions present themselves in the form of sneezing, a blocked nose, nasal drainage, and many others. These tend to appear as regular sinusitis symptoms, but can mean a lot more if they are persistent, and appear on a regular basis.

    Allergies And Chronic Sinusitis are somewhat interdependent on each other in instances where there is a certain trigger affecting a person. People who have allergies tend to experience sinusitis regularly, and those who have sinusitis generally have some kind of allergic reaction that triggers it. It can sometimes be harder for doctors to distinguish which is the cause and which is the effect, especially in instances where the allergy is unknown.

    Diagnosing The Condition

    Diagnosing the condition is always important to be able to treat it in the most efficient manner possible. Visiting an ENT is generally the first step that one should take when trying to diagnose this condition. One of the first kinds of allergies that one can be diagnosed with is allergic rhinitis. In this, the body starts to react to something in the air that they breathe. This leads to an inflammation of the nasal passages which then starts to get infected. This causes the individual to start to experience symptoms that are similar to that of a common cold. One of the biggest factors leading to this kind of allergic reaction is higher pollen content in the air. Those who live in grassy areas that have strong winds are more likely to experience this on a regular basis.

    Patients who are diagnosed with chronic sinusitis also tend to experience the same symptoms as one does in allergic rhinitis, except that the congested nasal passage is caused as a result of growth within this area. Because of the strong link between allergies and sinusitis, patients who visit a doctor are told to get an allergic reaction test as part of the diagnostic process. If there is an allergen that could have caused the sinusitis, the course of treatment that they are given differs and is targeted at helping the body deal with the allergen, rather than simply remedying the symptoms being experienced.

    Food Allergies And Sinusitis

    While pollen and airborne allergens might be a big cause for sinusitis, one of the big questions that people tend to have is whether food allergies too can trigger a sinusitis effect in the body. The answer is simple because foods can cause your body to experience the common symptoms of sinusitis. If your body doesn’t react well to foods and is experiencing an allergic reaction to them, there is a possibility of it presenting itself in the form of a runny nose, congestion and a bad throat.

    Foods That Can Cause Sinusitis

    The good news is that not all foods can cause your body to experience the symptoms of sinusitis. However, it is important to know which foods can cause this, especially because you might be allergic to them.

    1. Dairy

    Dairy products are one of the biggest causes of inflammation in the nasal passage and can thicken the mucus, prolonging the symptoms.

    1. Refined Sugar

    People who are allergic to refined sugar tend to experience sinusitis on a regular basis, especially because of the increased yeast in the body.

    1. Gluten

    Gluten allergies can present themselves in a number of ways, one of them being in the form of sinusitis.

    1. Seafood and Fish

    Seafood and fish tend to be one of the most common types of food-based allergens, and can sometimes present themselves in the form of a congested nose and inflamed nasal passage.

    1. Red Meat

    Foods like red meat tend to have a much higher protein content, causing higher mucus build up in the body. When an individual is allergic to red meat, these symptoms are more prominent.

    1. Nuts

    Those who have nut allergies tend to experience hives and other external based allergies, but can also experience sinusitis-like symptoms when their bodies are going through an allergic reaction.

    Seeking Treatment

    If you suspect that you might have a prevalent allergic condition that is presenting itself in the form of sinusitis, it is advised that you see a doctor at the earliest. For this condition, an ENT is the best kind of medical professional to visit because of their familiarity with the condition. Moreover, you need to visit a good doctor who is experienced and who is familiar with the course of treatment that their patients need to undertake.

    Becker Ear, Nose, and Throat Center is one place to visit for those who are experiencing these symptoms and want to diagnose it at the earliest. The practice is led by Dr. Daniel Becker, who is an incredibly proficient doctor who is well versed with the field. Dr. Becker is a graduate of Harvard College and completed his residency at the University of Virginia. He has numerous certifications that attest to his skills within the field and has offered his services to patients of all ages who are experiencing ENT problems.


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