5 Traits That Make a Good Employee

    The best businesses out there have plenty of things in common with each other, but one of the most important is the importance they place in finding and keeping the best employees out there.  So, what are the best traits which make a great employee and how can you be sure you’ve found the right person?

    If you’re looking to build your empire with a strong team behind you, then look no further than these traits to ensure that you’re finding great employees.

    Team Player

    Being able to lead a team is a great trait; however being able to collaborate with others when necessary is equally important if not even more.  In order to ensure the success of your business, everyone in the picture needs to be a team player. For that reason, you should always make sure that whoever you hire is up for collaboration with your other staff members.


    It’s crucial that your employees show self-discipline.  It’s necessary to have the self-discipline to be able to show up on time, reach deadlines and follow directions. Being disciplined is a matter of being focused, inspired, and driven.

    Having self-control means being able to maintain focus on an objective rather than allowing distractions to break your workflow.  Despite hurdles and challenges, self-discipline is what keeps a team going.

    On Time

    A good employee shows up on time every time and knows how to manage the hours of their day effectively.

    Your employees should be able to get to work on time no matter what comes their way.  People who take their job seriously won’t let anything stand in the way between them and their priorities.  Those are the kind of employees you want behind you.

    Detail Oriented

    When it comes to setting apart great work from good work, it’s all about the details.  A good employee is able to spot even the littlest things which everyone else may have overlooked.  Sometimes the tiniest detail has the power to cascade into a much bigger issue. Therefore, having someone who looks at their work like it’s under a microscope is a fantastic advantage.  


    As a business owner, you need to be able to know that your employees will do what they say they’ll do.  More than that, it’s about providing and delivering consistently. An employee who is willing to be flexible and give whatever it takes to ensure that your business succeeds is one of the best advantages you can have.  

    Therefore, when looking through resumes for the position you’re looking to fill, you should always make sure to look for the keywords “dependable and hardworking.”
    Those are the people that will see you through to great success.


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