5 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

    DIY has its many perks. It’s cheaper than hiring a professional, it gives you a sense of accomplishment once you’re done, and gives you something useful to do with your time, in case you’d prefer spending your time watching video on YouTube. However, with its many advantages, DIY can be downright dangerous.

    In Australia, for example, in 2013-14, 3318 people were hospitalized for DIY injuries. 4 in 5 cases were male. Obviously, in a household, the men (insist to) do the more dangerous stuff than the women, which might be the cause for the gender discrepancy in this regard. However, no matter how much money you think you’ll save (or how manly you are), there are some home repairs that are better left to the experts. Here are the most important ones.

    1. Gas appliance repairs

    It’s safe to say that an effort at fixing a gas problem can really blow up in your face. Anything that is remotely related to gas – including just moving around the appliances that use it to work – is not safe for a non-professional. Even if you manage to fix everything, a simple mistake in connecting it all back together can result in accidental carbon monoxide leak, which can have deadly consequences.

    2. Roofing works

    There is one thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to roofs – they’re tall and steep. Out of the aforementioned 3318 incidents in Australia, 38% was falls from ladders, and 13% falls from buildings, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. In addition, fixing the roof is often physically demanding, which further lowers your ability to balance on a steep surface. All in all, this is practically a recipe for a disaster.

    3. Electrical repairs

    While it is fairly safe to change a switch – provided that the power is turned off before you do it, obviously – anything bigger than that definitely calls for professional help. While the most obvious danger regarding electricity is the possibility of electrocuting yourself or your family, there are other issues as well. For one thing, you can accidentally cut your home off of the supply. Also, your insurance almost definitely won’t cover any DIY damage you make, so may cause more harm than good. Finally, inexperienced handling can cause a fire that can destroy your property. The risk is simply too great to ignore, so this is another thing you should probably leave to the experts.

    4. Plumbing works

    Water is infamous for one thing – if there’s a crack, the water will find it and use it to its full potential. Routine plumbing work can turn into a wet disaster faster than you can say “Pacific Ocean”. Still, there are many things you can do, if you are so inclined. You can change a shower head or a faucet, or even install a new toilet. However, when it comes to the real plumbing issues and changes, you’d be wiser to leave it to the professionals. Because in places such as Nelson Bay plumbers are not really hard to come by, there is no objective reason to expose your health and property to unnecessary risks.

    5. Window replacement

    Removing and replacing windows is not as easy as you would think. If done badly, it can really mess up your energy bills. Windows that are not properly set don’t keep the heat in as well, nor do they keep your home as cool during the summer. This means that your heating or AC will have to work overtime to compensate for the loss, which means higher bills. In addition, handling huge glass surfaces is never actually safe, so this is something that you shouldn’t do yourself.

    So, there you have it. These are the most dangerous home repairs that you should never do yourself. Instead of ending up as statistics from the beginning of the text, ask for professional help and stay safe.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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