Flying Solo: How to Enjoy London by Yourself

    How to get by solo in The Square Mile by straying from the beaten path.

    While business and tourism brings many solo travelers to the city of London, branching out into the greater metropolitan area can be a little intimidating, especially if you happen to be travelling as a single. However, to be able to really get an idea of what the city has to offer, it’s important that you branch out – even if this means forging on alone.

    Overwhelming as it may sound, London and the greater metropolitan area are still safer than every big city in the United States. That’s right. So going out for a uni-jaunt shouldn’t worry you too much, especially if you’ve done any solo travelling in the US. Moreover, throughout the back streets and small winding roadways of the city, you can find some seriously amazing things, that most people – unless local to the area – aren’t likely to see.

    Another greatness that London brings to the table is the ease at which anyone can secure professional company. So just in case you’re not exactly jazzed about exploring the area on your own, most of London’s escorts are natives and would happily show you around the town (let alone quite a few other places…). Yes, just to make sure everyone is paying attention, we are suggesting you hire an escort as a personal tour guide. No matter what your sexual orientation is, and despite the fact that you may – or may not – want to get laid as part of the deal. Which is what puts them, at number one.

    Hire an Escort

    Far better than your standard overzealous Segway operator, escorts make exceptional guides; this is actually a huge part of their everyday jobs. More than just sex, a ton of (if not all) escorts are specifically versed in the art of companionship, which means that if you need a “friend for hire” as you’re getting used to the idea of bombing around the bustling metropolis, escorts in London have you covered. They are generally ultra familiar with the area, they know all of the best bars, clubs, and even local hangouts, they are charming, fun, and absolutely know how to show someone a good time. While it may sound outlandish, don’t get mad because you hadn’t thought of it.

    Eat Yourself Stupid in Shoreditch

    Shoreditch is a borough of London that has been overtaken by hipsters – in the best way possible. With the liberal mindset of all 20-somethings that dress like Mr. Peanut, Shoreditch is super safe, filled with breathtakingly artistic street art, and has some of the best food in the city. Assuming you don’t mind your fare in classic street food form, or served in some manner of ridiculous vessel. Shoreditch also has a bunch of really wonderful market areas and local goods shops, not to mention delightful pubs and architecturally overachieving bars. So even if you’re not keen on eating your lunch out of an old shoe, the area itself is still worth a gander.

    Check Out Camden Market

    Camden Market is kind of the “alternative” icon of the wild artsy side of the city. The popularity of the area has increased massively over the last few decades, so expect it to be bustling with people, no matter when you plan your visit. Despite all of the tourists that now frequent the market, it still holds a ton of punk charm in its store fronts, wares, and locals. The street is lined with excellent pubs and decent street food to sate the solo travelers desires without making it obvious they’re (currently) friendless. The area is also a really great place to meet some down to earth locals who will happily have a pint with someone who definitely isn’t from their neck of the woods.

    Find a Local Pub in a Borough With a Name You Don’t Recognise

    Arguably one of the best things about England at large is the prevalence of local pubs. Or “locals” is you’re a local. The English pub is something that you absolutely have to experience while in London. Their warm atmospheres, often punctuated with fireplaces and carpets that are just as old as the 16th century buildings themselves, are like stepping into your grandmother’s house – only with riotous drinking and merrymaking. Locals have a special way of making everyone feel like they belong in them. The ther best thing about heading to a local when flying London solo? Dogs. Londoners love mans best friend and most pubs usually have at least one or two friendly pooches in them that are happily accepting of a scratch from the lonely navigator.

    Visit One of the Many Museums and Art Galleries

    As the famous Brit Comedian Eddie Izzard once said “England – where the history comes from”. It doesn’t matter if you’re into art, culture, biology, astronomy, or the nefarious acts of humans past – London has a museum for that. They even have an edifice of curiosity devoted purely to world’s largest (and only) collection of hand fans. The buildings housing the varied curated oddities are often as fascinating, if not more so than the exhibits themselves – with beautiful architecture and robust history. You can easily while away the hours in these solitary giants amongst many other travelers and locals, making a solo trip suddenly feel much less lonely.


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