Lost Art of Freestyle: The Journey of ’80s Icon Stevie B

    With the current music scene focused on epic Twitter wars, lyricist battles, and girl-on-girl celebrity feuds, pop-stars like T-Swift vs. Katy Perry or hip-hop supernovas like Drake vs. Meek Mills seem to be breaking headlines on a daily basis—at least via the Internet. Followers on social media can’t get enough of these back-and-forth exchanges, accusing one another of lack of talent, hypocrisy, and credibility. Singers, songwriters, musicians, and artists are currently challenging each other on their authenticity, causing a new trend to be brought into the forefront of the public eye. Who really has the chops these days to be in the limelight with evolving or maturing fans? Who really is original?

    Long before the music industry developed a knack for turning the ordinary into skyrocketed fame and fortune, it was more about creating a new, fresh sound to introduce into the mainstream rather than just producing generic music and pitting big names against one another.

    Before millennial music became all about the behind-the-scenes drama developing a media firestorm for our amusement, music was drawn from individual style and cross-cultural inspiration.

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    One of the biggest recording artists of the ’80s and ’90s, Stevie B is back with a vengeance and sharing his pilgrimage to the top of the Billboard charts. Proclaimed as The King of Freestyle, Stevie B has released, in his own words and voice, The Journey of the Perfect Man. This official, untold story of mega-sensation Stevie B breaks barriers as it chronicles not only his childhood and struggles, but his experience in the middle of the massive explosion known as “freestyle” and his successes and future in the entertainment business. This was real freestyle before the term started referring solely to on-the-spot rhymes, but when it defined collaborative beats that mixed distinct genres like R&B, electronic, and Latin.

    However, now is the time for a freestyle Renaissance as the contemporary audience pays homage to the throwback favorites of past decades and celebrating the initiative to reclaim freestyle in its purest form.

    Steve B’s catalog of hits highlight a moment in music history where a specific sound was expressed through culture, region, and era as well as a lifestyle. Steve B’s audiobook, The Journey of the Perfect Man, is available on iTunes.com. He is still performing his game-changing dance-pop sound and encouraging artists to understand why his story transcends as he continues to grow a new fan base.


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    • Aurelio

      Freestyle was personified by Mr. B. His sound was absolutely unique and stands to this very day as some of the best music of that era. I still listen to him regularly and remember the places and people of those days. Those were the days.

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