From Pumpin’ Fists to Plumpin’ Lips: Snooki Reveals New Look

    It seems like common folk aren’t the only ones joining in on the infamous Kylie Jenner plump lip frenzy & other social influences are even boasting about their fuller puckers! Former Jersey Shore reality star, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may have started off pumping her fists up, but the mother of two beautiful children has recently graduated to pumping her lips up! Snooki took to Instagram on Monday night to show off her new pout to the world.

    Snooki sought out the expert services of resident NJ Celebrity surgeon, Dr. Kassir Ramtin to help her get her new set of smoochers ready for kissy face. Dr. Kassir is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon noted for his superior work on many public figures, so who better for Snooks to go to other than the main man himself? Snooki posed with Dr. Kassir in this office after her lip injections and posted it to Instagram, captioning it with “Welp I did it kids! Tried my first lip plumping and so doing more. #noshame thanks @drkassir.”


    Many famous faces oftentimes try to hide the fact that they had any work done at all.

    But not our millennial mom SNOOKI! Snooki opted for the other route- openly sharing her intimate insecurities, her choices to take initiative, the procedure and of course, the flawless results!


    However, Snooki knows better than anyone- Instagram is the breeding ground of haters and internet trolls lurking behind every corner and social network which they have access to. With 7.4 million followers, it is safe to say one or two at best had some nasty feedback for our beloved Jersey girl.

    Do you think Snooki minds? Absolutely not!

    Hate comments and all, Snooki posted a close-up of the pout explaining her reasons behind the lip injections.


    “I’ve always hated my thin lips and never thought I had the balls to get needles in my lip to perfect them but I did,” she wrote to her fans.

    Of course, where there are haters, there are always more haters.  Commenters began complaining on her most recent lip photo about how her new lips look unnatural and uneven. If you know anything about Snooki, she always shoots back at Internet trolls with sass and humor.

    “Thank you for that observation. My lips are naturally like that. I have to go again and gradually even them,” she tweeted back to someone calling her lips asymmetrical. Another Twitter user even went as far as saying she should have skipped out on the lip injections and gotten brain injections instead. This is a harsh, cruel world. Snooki of course laughed this one off as well, simply responding back with, “Good one,” complete with a laughing emoji to how she really doesn’t give a crap about what anyone thinks!

    It is no secret since MTV’s Jersey Shore days, Snooki has transitioned into one mature hot MAMA! We watched her bloom from a baby-faced, slightly unhealthy young girl into a women over the past six years. Viewers caught every glimpse of awkward moments as she transformed from season to season. As it would any young lady, Snooki grew insecurities regarding her weight and even struggled with her seemingly, unimpressive thin lips.

    Snooki’s new mouth looks perfectly proportioned to make her continual duck-face selfies even more “double tap-able”.  Best part is, she did it for herself and to feel her most confident self and to make herself happy. Getting any cosmetic procedure done is a difficult decision. It should never be about jumping on the bandwagon or living up to a trend or unrealistic standard.

    People are always going to respond both positively and negatively when it comes to these aesthetic changes but Snooki shows us it is more about genuine happiness and fulfillment- in this case, literally.

    Nicole finished her Instagram caption with, “I love my natural beauty, but being able to enhance my lips to make me feel better about myself is life.”

    Snooki loves her new voluminous pout and is proof she won’t ever let the trolls of the internet tear her down. She claims to be scheduled for a follow up with Dr. Kassir soon for more lip injections. Hurry up Snooki, we’re all waiting!


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