4 Facts About Tom Selleck That You Probably Didn’t Know

    If you think you know everything about your favorite mustached star, think again! Here are 4 facts about Tom Selleck that you probably didn’t know.

    If there’s one actor who will always have our fascination, it’s Tom Selleck. The mustachioed leading man has given us great performances in film and television throughout the years from serious performances such as Quigley Down Under to great comedies such as Three Men and a Baby.

    But what all do you know about Tom Selleck? Apart from his great performances, do you know much about his unique life?

    Here are some fascinating facts about Tom Selleck that you may not have known:

    1. He Joined the National Guard

    As a young man in the 1960s, Tom Selleck was eligible for the draft for the Vietnam War. He was called in for Selective Service.

    He didn’t wish to serve in the military, but he did want to serve his country in some way. He ended up joining the California National Guard.

    This experience clearly had an impact on his life. He continues to support the military and is involved with the Vietnam War Veterans Fund.

    2. His Career Started With The Dating Game

    When Tom was a college student at USC he appeared on a popular show called The Dating Game. This was a show that matched young men and women together so they could go on a date. Who would think that a handsome stud like Tom would need to go on such a show?

    It turns out he wasn’t that interested in the show but did it as many of his friends and fraternity brothers were appearing on the show. As hard as it is to believe, he didn’t get a date.

    But he did get spotted by a casting agent from Twentieth Century Fox and that’s how he landed his early acting gigs.

    3. Success Wasn’t Overnight

    It took several years for Tom to make it big in the film and television industry. But he was relentless and eventually his hard work paid off. 

    Things looked bleak when he starred in a string of failed television programs. He was eventually offered a lead in a detective series which initially didn’t appeal to him at all. But this show was Magnum P.I. and it would launch him to stardom.

    This led to many of the classic film roles that we remember today. Since the success of Magnum P.I., he has always had consistent work. In recent years, he is best known for his work on the TV series Blue Bloods.

    4. He’s a Family Man

    Tom is quite private about his private life, whether it’s his relationship with his wife Jillie Mack or about his daughter

    However, he does have a reputation for caring for his family and avoiding unnecessary publicity. While he is as famous as any celebrity, you seldom see him involved in any scandals. He is dedicated to his career but also gives importance to his family and to causes he cares about.

    Tom Selleck is not only a role model to aspiring actors, but he’s a role model on how life should be lived.

    Watch Tom Selleck

    Now that you know some lesser-known facts about Tom Selleck, why not take the time to catch up on his great work? Make sure you share this article with your fellow Tom Selleck fans!

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