5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Swimming As Soon As Today


    Though you can pedal or run your way to a fitter body and happier mood, swimming may still be the best exercise you’re missing out on. Swimming carries with it the health benefits of land workouts and some added advantages. It can take you through an aerobic activity without interfering with your joints or muscles. Apart from that, both the very young and the very old can engage it easily. 

    Athletes use it to keep fit and stay healthy when recovering from injury. Without a doubt, swimming has numerous health advantages. If you have a kid at home, you want to take him through swimming lessons for kids to enable him also benefit. But before you do that, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into the reasons you need to start swimming today. 

    To Build Up Your Bone Mass

    For years, most people have believed that only running and lifting weights can build up bone mass. Very few people believe that swimming can also perform this function. However, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, swimming can also help you achieve considerable Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

    Because it’s unethical to perform an in-depth examination of human bones, the researchers used rats for this experiment. The rats were placed into three groups: swimming, running, and control. The running and swimming groups were then subjected to an exercise stimulation process, which gave stunning results. Though the running rat had the highest increase in Bone Mineral Density, the swimming rat also showed considerable improvement compared to the control rat.  

    To Stay Flexible

    Swimming needs you to use your body to pull your way through the water. You have to twist, reach, and stretch. And to move forward, your ankles need to become fins as they kick and push off the liquid pressure. This repetitive stretching is a good exercise that can help your body achieve flexibility. To attain full flexibility,  be patient and continue to practice till your body gets used to the exercise. 

    Though swimming is an excellent way of achieving flexibility, it shouldn’t replace other flexibility exercises. In fact, performing other land workouts alongside swimming can help you attain flexibility faster. 

    To Strengthen Your Heart

    Aerobic exercises that make the heart pump harder boosts its health, and swimming is not an exception. A 2015 research published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation showed that women who swam for one hour each day thrice a week reduced their total triglyceride and cholesterol levels after twelve weeks of swimming. Another 2012 study discovered that swimming reduced blood pressure levels in adults above fifty years, who live sedentary lifestyles. 

    Swimming may make your heart pound differently than when performing aerobics on land because it influences your body’s normal response. If you have a heart condition history, it’s best to consult your doctor first before you get into the pool. You don’t want to faint or experience a cardiac arrest in water. 

    To Improve Your Muscle’s Strength And Definition

    Unlike running, which primarily builds leg muscles, swimming can make you gain muscle strength all over your body. As you swim, you use more muscles for wading through the water, and as your arms pull, your legs kick. While your back rotates, your stomach contracts to stabilize the core and power the legs. This is why swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises that can give you a complete body workout. 

    It’s A Low-Impact Sport

    According to the American Council on Exercise, water supports almost 90% of your body weight as you swim. This makes swimming a low-impact sport that even people with physical limitations from arthritis, stroke, or accidents participate in. It’s low impact nature also makes it ideal for older adults. A 2016 research published in the Journal of Rheumatology discovered that swimming could also reduce stiffness and pain in people with arthritis. 


    If you’ve never swum before or taken a long time before diving into a pool, start swimming today. Swimming is a low-impact sport that has several benefits that may outweigh some strenuous land workouts. Anyone can swim whether you’re old, young, or suffering from arthritis. So why not dive into a pool and experience these fantastic benefits. 


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