The Cowgirl Sex Position – What You Should Know?

    She tore down all self-inhibitions… Seduced with her striking eyes… Opened herself up completely…And eager to fulfilling her fantasies mumbled close to my ear…

    What’s your favorite sex position…?

    (I replied) – The doggy-style … 

    (& Asked) What about yours…?

    (She said) – Getting on top and riding like there is no tomorrow…

    (I said) – That one’s my absolute favorite!

    The COWGIRL POSITION is indeed one of the best intercourse positions. It allows both partners to see each other’s faces. And most importantly, with the woman on top, she has the power to do incredibly arousing things that can make any man go out of control.

    (And perhaps… it’s what he wants as well!)

    The position is straightforward. But then again, it can also be incredibly vulnerable.

    The Cowgirl Position Is About HER Taking Control Of Her Pleasure!

    That’s true. While all sexual positions are known to inflict different pleasure types, the Cowgirl sex position is all about the woman controlling the depth, penetration angle, and speed of every thrust. It allows her to satiate her pleasure just like she wants it and resultantly take her man for one wild experience.

    The position is also very intimate as it offers an unobstructed view of the lady riding during her man during the encounter. Here the receiving participant lies down on his (or her) back, the lady sits atop her partner’s pelvis, rests her knees on the bed surface, and arranges her thighs upon her partner’s hips.

    The woman will have her hands free to use if she chooses to please herself or her partner. This could stimulate her peripheral clitoris, fondle with her breasts, or even introduce a sex toy for some added excitement. Besides these, the woman can use her hands to grab hold of her partner’s neck to kiss him/her while continuing with her penetrative movements.

    Cowgirl Sex Position- Tips For Her Partner To Raise The Excitement Level More!

    As already stated, this intimate position is something most women fancy and prefer. So, if you are looking for a night of rapturous sex, then ask her if she wants a piece of this action!

    Of course, you can always raise the excitement bar with some passionate foreplay and canoodling. For that, here are some tips which you can use!

    • Grab hold of her tight. Squeeze her butt. Look to incorporate some spanking of roughing. 
    • If she gives you her consent, explore further down underneath her bums. Apply some lube on your fingers and slowly caress those sensitive areas. However, remember not to mix the fingers that go into her vagina with the ones inside her anus.
    • Once she feels it and responds to it, move your hands upwards, caressing her breast, and then further up to her neck. Bring her close to your lips, look into her eyes, and ask if she likes your hands around her throat as you rest lightly. That said, don’t get too excited and apply over 8lbs of pressure on her trachea (which is the mid-portion of her neck). Or else your passionate encounter will turn into an irreversible nightmare in the blink of an eye.
    • Alternatively, you avoid resting your hands on her neck and instead bring her close to you as she sits in that cowgirl posture to kiss her breasts, neck, lips, or even bite her ears. 

    Cowgirl Sex Position –Tips for Her!

    There are some tips for women, especially those who haven’t had sex in this position before.

    Follow closely!

    • Always lubricate yourself before beginning in this posture. And refrain from starting too quickly or going too deep. Instead, go slow, build up trust with your partner, and then take it further from there.
    • Always mix your initial movements with kisses, licks, subtle bites, and caresses. Also, self-stimulate using your hands. When you are having sex in a cowgirl position, there are many penetrative movements that you can try. Some of the common yet pleasurable ones include thrusting from top to bottom by opening the legs more to achieve more penetration as you move in a circular motion.
    • Look to combine the movements like some faster and some slower. Also, if you wish to contrast the vagina naturally, only lean backward. Doing so will allow your partner’s penis to touch the G-spot correctly. That said, don’t lean back too quickly, or else you could cause severe pain to your partner’s penis base. 


    There you have it. Things that you should know about the COWGIRL SEX POSITION! So, if you have never tried this position with your sexual partner (or weren’t sure of trying it out), use the information above to give it a shot.

    Not only will your sweet-pea love it. She will crave for it every time you engage. And that will make your love-making sessions steamier!


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