4 Best Boat Trips in Chicago, Illinois 

    Chicago is one of the most thriving, historic, and truly iconic cities in the entirety of the United States, and there are so many different areas to explore that even people who have resided there their whole life still have places they have never been within the city.

    For those people who enjoy nothing more than spending time on the water, this article is for you, as here are the four best locations for boat trips in and around Chicago, Illinois.


    1. The Seadog Speedboat Tour 


    One of the most beautiful and efficient boat tours you could choose to take in Chicago, either as a resident or a tourist, is the Seadog Speedboat Tour.

    Taking around thirty minutes from start to finish, the Seadog Speedboat launches from the Navy Pier. It will takes you around the most notable Chicago landmarks while cruising around Lake Michigan.


    2. The Skyline Sailing Tour


    For a much more extensive and indeed slightly more expensive boat tour, particularly ideal for budding and professional photographers alike, is the Skyline Sailing Tour.

    The famous Tall Ship Windy, a beautiful topsail white schooner measuring an impressive one hundred and forty-eight feet long, takes approximately one and a half hours to take you around the entire shoreline of Lake Michigan.

    This boat trip is perfect for couples who would love a romantic tour on the water to view the impressive Chicago skyline by sunset.


    3. The Wendella Family Friendly Architecture Tour 


    If you are traveling to Chicago for a vacation with the whole family, then there is the perfect boat tour for you, which runs every single day (apart from national holidays) on the hour, every hour, from seven in the morning to nine at night.

    The Wendella Architecture Tour is by far the best boat trip for you and your family to take in the spectacular vista of Chicago’s tallest and most awe-inspiring buildings along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Departing from Wendella Dock, drinks and snacks are also provided as part of the ticket fee to keep even the smallest of children engaged and entertained.

    It would also be worth highlighting that, in the unfortunate event of being involved in an organized trip on a boat or ship whereby you are injured, do not hesitate to contact renowned and reputable law firms, such as those at www.rblaw.net/practices-boating-accidents.


    4. The Boozy Buffet Brunch Boat Cruise 


    The fourth and final most popular and most value-for-money boat tour in Chicago is that of the Boozy Buffet Brunch Boat Cruise and, as you might expect from the name, only allows people over the age of twenty-one to board the boat.

    Not only is there an extensive viewing deck, where you can snap picture-perfect photographs of the key landmarks in Chicago, but there is also a dancefloor underneath, whereby you can enjoy dancing and drinking while on the boat.

    An unlimited buffet is available for the duration of the trip, and you can even buy a premium VIP ticket, which will afford you a free bar.

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