Cold Sholda: Redefining Rap with an Italian-American Perspective

    Cold Sholda is a rising star in the world of Italian American rap music. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, this talented artist is making waves with his unique sound, powerful lyrics, and captivating stage presence. With his smooth flow and fresh beats, Cold Sholda is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new voices in hip-hop today.

    One of Cold Sholda’s greatest strengths as a rapper is his ability to blend classic hip-hop influences with modern production techniques. He has a deep knowledge and appreciation for the roots of the genre, which is evident in his use of vintage samples, gritty drum breaks, and soulful melodies. At the same time, he has an ear for the cutting-edge sounds that are driving hip-hop forward in the 21st century, incorporating trap beats, electronic textures, and unconventional song structures into his music.

    What really sets Cold Sholda apart, though, is his lyrical approach. He has a gift for crafting vivid and evocative stories that draw the listener in and hold their attention from beginning to end. Whether he’s rapping about his personal struggles, his experiences on the streets of Gravesend, Brooklyn or the broader social and political issues that affect his community, Cold Sholda has an impressive ability to convey emotion and meaning with his words.

    Take, for example, his track “Outside”, which tells the story of his own rise from poverty and adversity to success and acclaim. which tells the story of his own rise from the streets and adversity to success and acclaim. Cold Sholda delivers a raw and honest account of his journey, addressing the challenges he faced along the way and celebrating his triumphs. It’s an anthem of perseverance and resilience that is sure to resonate with listeners from all walks of life.  My favorite line is “Italians are great”, I love his cultural pride!

    Check out Outside here:

    Another standout track from Cold Sholda is “New Rome”, a tribute to bringing back the greatness of Rome, to the current Italian-American community, which in my opinion, has been divided as we get assimilated into American society.  His hope is to unite the culture through his music which contains thoughtful lyrics by mixing historical references with his patented Brooklyn twist.  Check out New Rome here:

    Of course, Cold Sholda’s live performances are not to be missed either. They are rare, but whether he’s headlining a big venue or playing an intimate club show, he brings a high-energy and charismatic presence that really connects with the audience. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious, and he has a natural stage presence that holds the crowd in the palm of his hand with his lyrics and cadence.

    All in all, Cold Sholda is the real deal. He has the talent, the vision, and the heart to be a major force in hip-hop for years to come. His music is a testament to the power of perseverance, the importance of family, and the potential for greatness that lies within all of us. So if you haven’t already checked him out, do yourself a favor and give Cold Sholda a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

    I couldn’t write about Cold Sholda without mentioning my favorite “Mightus”, where he definitely has the Midas Touch on this track:

    Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel here:

    His latest single Caesar II All Hail is due to drop on July 12th!


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