Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Stuff for Free

    You know what they say… the best things in life are free! We couldn’t agree more and with the cost of living around the world constantly on the rise, getting free stuff should be on everyone’s weekly checklist.

    Not quite sure where the penny pinching should start? Look no further! Here’s our homegrown guide on how and where you can get your freebies right now. We don’t like to beat around the bush, so all the advice you find here should be of great assistance on your path to becoming a true cheapskate.

    Free Gadgets

    Gadgets are often super pricey and super hard to get for free. In fact, you’ll be required to put in a little effort for this one but it is actually possible to get free gadgets without planning to rob your nearest Apple store. Sites like Amazon, have started offering customers free consumer electronics just for reviewing their products and providing other potential customers with fair and unbiased information to help them make their purchasing decision. Read up on the Vine program for more information on how to acquire the latest gadgets for free. The only downside is that you can’t be picky about the model or brand… but hey, we’re not complaining!

    Free Money

    Haha, good one! No seriously, this is no joke. While free money isn’t easy to come by, there are some resourceful ways you can get yourself some extra cash in exchange for simple tasks, such as completing online surveys or participating in focus groups. Some people also manage to make themselves a pretty penny by posting Instagram photos and YouTube videos for example and earning revenue from ads.

    Free Entertainment  

    There’s no need to splash the cash in order to have a good time, since nowadays you’ll find a myriad of fun activities you can engage in, completely for free. Look for free events near you, plan a picnic in the park or on the beach, take a road trip to a explore a neighbouring town… the possibilities are truly endless! When it comes to the internet especially, the world is your oyster. You’ll be able to find heaps of free movies and music online as well as free online casino games and video games to keep you happily occupied for hours.

    Free Events

    Most hotly anticipated events such as concerts or parties will usually charge an entry fee. How to get around it? Sign up as a volunteer for the event of course! Big events often require heaps of volunteers to help collect tickets and direct the masses and some are even willing to pay you for it, while you’ll get free access to the event itself!

    Free Groceries  

    Some huge chain stores such as Target and Walmart often give out loads of free samples for you to snatch up. What’s more, certain websites such as, allows you to sign up for free stuff without even having to leave the comfort of your own home, including all kinds of household products and groceries too. Nice one!

    Free Travel

    Travelling can be an expensive hobby. While collecting air miles is a good way to get discounts on flight tickets, you’ll often have to spend quite a bit to amass enough to pay for an entire return flight ticket. However, couch surfing has become all the rage in recent years, with many backpackers and travellers on a budget opting for this free accommodation solution over traditional hotels or hostels. Of course, this will mean living with a complete stranger, so security could be an issue for some, but you could also find yourself making a few new friends along the way too. Additionally, volunteering is another way to travel for free.

    Free Books

    Apart from visiting your local public library, avid readers can now also find thousands of books online for free. This goes for both Kindle users as well as the rest of us. Moreover, there are also heaps of free audiobooks available to download too. Considering the wide variety of titles just waiting to be discovered, you won’t need to fork out cash on books ever again.

    What’s the Catch? – Nothing Really Comes for Free

    Quick reality check – no one will ever really give you anything completely for free. If you’re not paying for it with money, you may be paying with your personal data, time, effort or some other kind of sacrifice. Nevertheless, it may still be worth your while to get your hands on the heaps of free stuff available out there, just waiting to be claimed. Just remember to do your research properly before accepting anything, to vet any sneaky terms and conditions that may be attached to your freebies. Other than that, we believe that getting free stuff is a great way to save money and beat the corporate giants at their own game.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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