Where To Get the Best Hair Extensions

    One of the greatest inventions known to women is hair extensions. Being able to transform your hairstyle to give yourself a new look is terrific. Styles can last temporarily, from a few hours to a few weeks. Depending on your style, you can quickly add whatever hair necessary. There are many ways to wear extensions, whether it be from clip-ins or sew-ins. What may not be so easy is finding or affording the proper hair you need. No matter your hair type, whether it is 1A, 4C, or anywhere in between, there are options around for you to find the best hair extensions.

    What To Know

    These days, many women opt to find hair extensions that match their natural hair to give a realistic look. It is great to see more women looking to enhance their look as well as transform it. It’s fun to change up your look completely, but slight touch ups go a long way as well!

    First and foremost you have to know what you want and translate that into what you need. Yes, you may wish to have longer hair, but what you need to do is find the hair texture that fits all your requirements. There are many factors to consider before purchasing hair, especially since it’s not always simple to return it, no matter where you shop. To avoid the hassle, know precisely what you are in for and how each hair type has its advantage (or disadvantage) to you.

    Hair Origin

    Start from the roots. Knowing the origin of your hair helps you to go forth the feel you’re looking for. Human hair is always the best option to go for since its more versatile and real. It is also more costly, but worth it due to its longevity.


    The most popular type due to its mutable and durable properties. It’s straightforward to work with Brazilian due to its softness and thickness so even after a few uses, and it can bounce back to its original state with proper maintenance.


    Strength and shine appear within Malaysian human hair extensions. The texture can blend additionally with medium to coarse hair types for further natural looking sew-ins. With each wash, you lose a little shine, but you gain the texture that can help hold curls and style naturally.


    For a lightweight option, choose Vietnamese hair for its high quality and sleekness. As it is usually straight, it is among some of the longest and healthiest hair to find for purchase. A simple sew-in can be as casual or sophisticated as possible.


    The overall look of Indian hair is what captures the hearts of many. The thickness and color are what lead women to wear the hair as is without dying or styling. The textures range from slightly wavy to deep curly. This gives most hair types a chance to rock an Indian hair sew-in.

    Hair Texture

    Depending on your hair’s natural texture, you want to look for certain hair textures for your extensions to make sure they are as close to your real hair as possible. Even if you choose not to have any hair left out, still having a texture that resembles your own can give the illusion of your hair.


    Those with naturally straight hair can go for Vietnamese extensions to keep their hair in its natural state without having to alter it. If you have 4C hair, do not choose this hair type if you want to blend it with your natural hair. The amount of heat you would use to give your hair the same sleek texture would be damaging.


    Wavy hair is fun because it exists in its purest form and stays wild and free. Those with naturally wavy hair tend to have thick hair that can easily straighten or curl with the right hot tool. With Indian extensions, you can add on to the fullness with even more length. If the color of the extensions isn’t similar to your own, it can dye nicely and still keep its softness.


    Among the most versatile natural hair types, curly-haired cuties need to be able to find the extensions that are adaptable to many different hairstyles. With a sew-in or clip-ins, you can be able to add the extra volume needed to take your hair to the next level. Brazilian is the universal type of extension that can bring forth all the looks you’re dying to try.


    The last, but undoubtedly not the least favorite of all natural hair types. It has been said for generations to be able to wear protective styles to help decrease the maintenance on your natural hair to allow it the space to grow. However, there will always be work to do for your hair, so you don’t still have to look for the smartest options. The best way for the women with 4C hair or any kinky hair to handle their hair best is to manage it in all its various forms! With Malaysian hair extensions, we’re able to achieve the styles we’ve always wanted with longer hair.

    Hair Need

    Once you know the texture of the hair, next is considering the need of the hair. Do you need it for an event only? For daily use? Whatever it is, there are many ways to apply extensions to the hair for different usages. The best way to sustain your extensions is by using them only when necessary using the most effective method.


    The longest lasting method, using cornrows to help “sew” the hair onto the scalp using needle and thread. It can last up to a few months, although it is best to take it out or to begin to touch it up after a few weeks. Though this is one of the most popular methods for extensions for black women, it just causes too much stress on your strands after too many wears.


    Just as the name, you clip in the hair to the part of the head where you are looking to add more length or volume. This method is easy since you don’t have to braid or twist the hair down, directly section and insert in the desired area. These are perfect for those who want to purchase extensions similar to their hair type for realistic hairstyles.


    The least amount of tension goes on with tape-in extensions. It’s a simple and safe way to stick on the extensions to easily blend in the hair. You can watch videos along with reading directions to be able to install them flawlessly on your own or find someone who is ready to apply them for you.

    Glue-on (Frontal)

    For the most realistic hairline with zero leave-out, think about a frontal. You can glue on the front piece or purchase a 360 frontal that covers the entire head to give the flattest, natural look. For the best results, always go to a professional or ensure you have every material necessary to style it beautifully.

    You Are Here

    You do not need to look any further, because all of the hair extensions mentioned above are all found at PLE. Search to find the exact extensions you need for a bomb sew-in or wig. No matter what you choose, do what is best for the overall health of your hair. Your research should not end at finding your extensions. You must look for trusted stylists or be able to obtain the patience needed to teach yourself. Start here and show us your bomb looks here in the comments and on our Instagram @PrivateLabelExtensions!


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